The most fragrant flower in the world

Polianthes tuberosa

Use of tuberose in perfumery

Natural scent of tuberose can be obtained by Absolute extraction with volatile solvents. very expensive method . In the past, it was processed distillation by enfleurage.

Tuberose enfleurage processed

The natural flowers are so omnipotent they can fill a room and continue to exude their scent for days after picking.

Tuberose, which comes from India, has a narcotic odour, tuberose can also have an almondy side and can sometimes be perceived as a kind of fruity jasmine, scent between honeyed and candied nectar, waxy.

Olfactive description of tuberose:

Tuberose itself, is like the femme fatale of the flower world also Bold and distinctive, heavenly, very sensual, carnal, exotic, narcotic, even musky animal-like, creamy, erotic aphrodisiac and contradictor therefore glory and charming it’s dangerous.

The Victorians era 20 June 1837 - 22 January 1901; Forbade young girls from inhaling the odor of tuberose for fear they might have “spontaneous orgasms.” (The website also leaked that )

Tuberose represents sensuality and is used in aromatherapy for its ability to open the heart and calm the nerves, restoring joy, peace and harmony. “

Tuberose is a perennial flowering bulbous plant belonging to the 'Amaryllidaceae' family. Cultivated in tropical and temperate countries, tuberose is thought to have first spread to the world by the Aztecs, natives of Mexican lands.

The reason why tuberose is the most fragrant flower in the world is probably due to the decay intimidation it contains in its natural chemistry, the indole molecule.

The tuberose flower contains high qualities of 'lactones' buttery-smelling molecules which is also produced by our scalp. They also contain 'indole' which is the smell associated with human bodies and human intimacy. All these components explain why the smell of the tuberose flower seem familiar to us.

Traditional method Enfleurage distillation technique, 600 ml of pure oil is obtained from 1000 kg of tuberose flowers.

There are 20 flowers per tuberose spike. It takes 1,000 tuberose flowers to produce 1 kg of absolute distillation.

Botanical perfumery:


Tuberose oil: If in large portions, it can really overthrow the other notes of a perfume, but in small amounts it can lend a nice depth to the perfume without killing the effect.

Best blends well with: Heliotrope absolute, Tonka absolute, Black currant absolute, Vanilla, Jasmine, Neroli, Rose, India agarwood, Siam Wood, Violet Leaf, Ylang Ylang, Lily, Osmanthus

Tuberose perfumes:

Jo Malone Londra Tuberose Angelica

Heartless Helen Penhaligon's for women

Dior Passage No.9 Christian Dior

The Beautiful Ones Keiko Mecheri

Seductive Tuberose Be Layered

Zara tubereuse noir

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