Tonka bean

The popularity of tonka bean in Middle Eastern arabic fragrances, which forms the basis of many oriental perfumes, lies in its complex, rich, putty-like soft aroma and important longevity properties.

Tonka bean is native to rainforests, common in Central and South America, Costa Rica and Venezuela; They are the seeds of a large tree known as Coumarou.

Flowering tree that blooms in clusters in pink with a fruity sweet smell and is also home to many animals such as hummingbirds, bees, and butterflies.

The survival of the great green macaw feeding on tonka fruit depends on this tree.

Although Tonka is very valuable because it is a very hardwood lumber,

In fact, the reason for his real fame; It lies in the intoxicating, complex scent of its seeds containing milky, deeply sweet vanilla, cherry, caramel, freshly cut grass, tobacco, smoke and notes of cinnamon, soft, bittersweet almond, oriental

Perfumery, tonka bean is actually known as the best substitute for vanilla.

If consumed excessively, tonka beans, which have serious side effects such as heart attack, cerebral hemorrhage and paralysis, are inconvenient to consume as food and are prohibited in some countries.

Tonka perfumes:

Le Beau Jean Paul Gaultier

Nouveau Genre Yves Rocher

Poison Girl Dior

Tonka Solinotes

Eros Versace

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