The scent of ancient forests

Yes You did not hear wrong!

Botanical perfumery Some fragrances used in reflect and liven the effects of ancient deep forests.

Almost Prehistoric ancient forests It's like a simulation

Essential oils that assimilate all the scent of the forest into its body

  1. Gyrinops oudh

  2. Oakmoss Absolute

  3. Aquilaria agarwood

  4. Cepes Absolute

  5. Black Spruce Absolute

  6. Fougere Absolute

  7. Balsam Fir Absolute

  8. Sandalwood

  9. Palo santo wood

  10. Hemp essential oil

  11. Pine leaf and Rectified Cade essential oil

  12. Patchouli essential oil

  13. Muhuhu africa

  14. Fig leaf

  15. Grape leaf

  16. Blackcurrant buds Absolute

  17. Mulberry leaf

  18. Green vetiver / Brown vetiver

  19. Valerian essential oil

  20. Seaweed absolute

The entire olfactory pyramid can be easily used in layers combination

Characteristic scent: Woody / Dry timber, Mossy, Green leafs, Balsamic, Earthy, Rhizome/Root, Spicy undertones

The scent of ancient forests

Mystical mysterious deep rainy forests, Unique scents released from the forest floor to the sky of plants and mushrooms, Perfect harmony of soil-earthy and green, Rotting plant and moldy-strawy aroma, Aged vintage jute fabric accords

Notes mentioned above are referenced for botanical perfume fragrance design and blend

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