Tamarind is a type of tree that has been grown in all tropical countries, especially India & Egypt & Thailand for a long time, although it is of African origin from the legume family, and it has a pleasant and sweet smell.

In the Ottoman Empire, tamarind sherbet, the main ingredient of which was this fruit, became indispensable for the sultans, which was adopted as a panacea.

It is used in oriental middle eastern perfume notes by distilling the bark and fruits. Tamarind : It is a unique note with sweet, soft, vaguely tart, warm spice breezes,

Blends well with:

Honey, narcissus, tuberose, lily, frangipani, rose. massoi bark, milk, coconut, nutmeg, dragon blood, myrrh

Tamarind perfumes:

Cocoa Tamarind Voluspa for women

Ginger Milk Thymes for women and men

Sofia Detaille for women

Neo Evolution Avon for men

Love Spell Eau de Toilette Victoria's Secret

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