Botanical perfumery:

Extraction Method: Solvent extraction from fresh spinach

Spinach Leaf Absolute oil is extracted, is a native of Asia, and was brought to Europe by travelers and merchants in the 15th Century. It has a long history of being appreciated for it's tasty and aromatic leaves which are iron rich but the absolute oil made from the leaves has a great many applications within the perfumery industry.

Spinach Absolute Oil is an unusual but well known perfume ingredient in high end perfumes

Color & Odor: Dark brown viscous liquid with a very strong, leafy green odor Spinach Leaf has a very pleasant, also fresh scent that has both light fruity and nutty tones.

Blends Well With: Basil, Oakmoss, cedarwood, Seaweed, Lime, Tulsi

Spinach perfumes:

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