Solar Notes

From sunscreens to perfumers' palette

Beach and sea

An refreshing sparkling, cheerful note of different sources.

L'Oréal in its Sun Amber, used benzyl salicylate for its sun filter properties. In the course of its research, the company eventually developed much more effective sun filters and removed the old filter. The consequence was a significant drop in sales of Sun Amber. The formula was then reworked to reintegrate the famous benzyl salicylate, no longer as a sun filter but for its olfactory effect, which had become a sun reference for the consumer. In a word, it had to smell like sand or sun-warmed skin

These are synthetic molecules: In the Ambre Solaire, benzyl salicylate was combined with rose and jasmine, a classic accord for cosmetic products. But what does this molecule smell like? It releases notes that are both sweet, oily, spicy and balsamic with a floral and caramelized side. Its smell in itself is not very powerful but it is extremely persistent over time. 'benzyl amyl and cis 3 hexenyl'.

Solar notes: The perfume of the holidays

Solar fragrances are a relatively new category, and as you can probably guess, they refer to perfumes that possess a sunny disposition. These are the fragrances that play with light and exude a warm brilliance that is entirely modern.

Fragrances that make us travel

White flowers and sun: Frangipani, Jasmine, Gardenia, Ylang-Ylang,

Solar perfumes:

Nivea Sun Nivea for women and men

Tease Dreamer Victoria's Secret for women

Olympéa Solar Paco Rabanne for women

Ashore Amouage for women and men

Sun Summer Edition 2020 Jil Sander for women

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