Siam Wood

Fokienia hodginsii

Vietnam, the siamese tree is believed to bring eternal life and is used in many parts of Southeast Asia as an aroma-therapeutic, antiseptic, rheumatic anti-inflammatory, therapeutic massage to increase vitality and reduce muscle and skin inflammation.

In addition, an oil diffuser distributes the scent throughout the room to help kill bacteria, purify and disinfect the air, and is an effective mosquito and insect repellent.

Obtained by steam distillation from wood and roots.

It is a type of wood widely used in coffin making in Vietnam because its pure oil is also moisture resistant in its timber, resisting deterioration and rotting, and also because it preserves the physical structure of funerals for a while, this very robust tree with an aroma that keeps insects away.

wood oil for perfumes; It has a soft, creamy, sweet-woody oil aroma with notes of Hazelnut with soft slightly smoky touches similar to Amyris, Sandalwood and Balsam Copaiba.

The oil obtained by steam distillation from its leaves, on the other hand, contains some green nudes such as needle-leaf pine and cedar and has a more pointed aroma.

Siamwood perfumes:

Noun Bogue for women and men

Caramel Lover Nimere Parfums for women and men

№ 0 SWITCH Perfumes for women

Cavatina Parfums Dusita for women

Time Stood Still Nimere Parfums for women and men

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