Sea buckthorn

Sea buckthorn: It is a species of flowering plant in the family Elaeagnaceae, native to parts of Europe and Asia.

Fruity characteristic Sea buckthorn and slightly fruity wine, whose fragrant oil is obtained by distilling supercritical Co2 at low temperatures, which is the molecular structure of the fruit scent for perfumes with extremely hot steam and the precision distillation technique to prevent the scent from burning at this temperature. It has a musky aroma reminiscent of the smell of grain seeds stored in jute fabric sacks.

At the same time, the odor of the oil obtained from sea buckthorn is similar to the odor of carrot seeds obtained by steam distillation and okra seed oil in ambette.

It is often used in perfumes for heart notes. Cold press method distiller is used for skin and hair care.

Sea buckthorn perfumes:

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Oblepiha i Kryzhovnik Sister Fox Лисичка-сестричка

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