Petrichor Ruh Khus

Fifty Shades of Shimmering Green

The smell of Khus can be understood to consist of 3 things: green, wet earth, wood. After the rain, the air blowing from a lush garden with a refreshing coolness and a fragrant scent resembles that of khus.

Though it originates in India, Chrysopogon zizanioides vetiver is widely cultivated in tropical regions. Also vetiver producers include Haiti, India, Indonesia, and Reunion.

Green vetiver is one of the most complex botanical extracts known to science. It is a mixture of more than 150 sesquiterpenoid compounds—some still undiscovered. Ruh means 'soul' or 'Ruh' in Persian and Khus is the Sanskrit word for vetiver. Hence the term Ruh Khus literally means 'Ruh of vetiver'. Vetiver is a perennial Poaceae herb native to India. The name Vetiver comes from Tamil (of Dravidian origin) from the South Indian language called vettiveru.

The secret to obtaining green vetiver Ruh khus natural perfume oil is before you start distilling! Vetiver herbs, which have a much richer aroma than the cultivated vetiver grown in agriculture and only grow in nature in the wild, are soaked for about 12 hours after being picked by hand, kept in sacks and prepared for distillation.

Green vetiver: It constitutes a set of grooming procedures used on India's oldest traditional equipment and techniques called Ruh Khus. However, the only difference in this method is that it is not distilled on the base sandalwood oil used in other attar techniques, and the distillation period takes long hours and is very slow. 24-hour continuous distillation is provided.

Afterwards, the water vapor containing oil is cooled appropriately and absorbed with the help of special brushes, and the pure oil accumulated on the water is separated. The oil is then transferred to camel skin bottles that contain the precious "Ruh" and is kept on hold,

so that the molecular structure of the fragrance is not damaged due to the high heat and pressure that occurs in the essential oils produced by modern steam distillation, by this method, and the saturated sensitive aromatic oil is fully recovered without exposing it to high pressure and heat. High quality perfume vetiver oil is obtained by preserving the molecular structure of the uncut, rich aroma oil.

“Vetiver blinds, that lend To burning summer noons The scented chill Of winter nights.” – Bihari (1595-1664)

Green vetiver; In general, it has a rain forest, leafy, moist, earthy, petrichor, dusty, root woody, smoky ambery, green, slightly sweet scent profile with the most beautiful tonal nuances of green, reminiscent of the classic masculine barber scent.

vetiver root

Ancient Indian inscriptions listed vetiver as a favorite perfume infused by royalty. Vetiver is also an essential ingredient in ayurvedic science, where it is called Suganti-Mulaka, meaning "sweet scent." The vegetarian extract prescribed in Ayurvedic medicine is called Sita-Mulaka (having cold roots) to cool the body by adding it to bath water.

The most famous ones are India Aligarh Wali Ruh Khus Oil.

Ruh Khus perfumes:

Ruh Khus TRNP for women and men

Ruh Khus AzherOud for women and men

Al majid Ruh Khus Perfume

Ruh Khus M.L. Ramnarain

Scent Souls Ruh Al Khus

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