Perfume Headspace technology

Headspace technology

Headspace is a remarkably certain way of capturing scent that uses a domed container to form an airtight seal around an object,

Headspace technology is a technique developed in the 1980's to explain, define the odor compounds present in the air surrounding various objects. this technology would “revolutionize the fragrance industry” by bringing the scents of living rare flowers to the perfumers pallet.

This goes to show just how essential Headspace is. The technology allows a perfumer to take an olfactory snapshot of something in nature that isn’t extractable via traditional methods, or if it is able to be extracted, the end result varies significantly from the smell of the real thing. Take rose for example, the oil of which smells completely different from the odour of fresh, ripe rose buds on the stem, analysis measuring the scents of tropical rainforests

. So, first and foremost it is a vital tool to allow perfumers to analyse and recreate something that they otherwise wouldn’t be able to utilise as a fragrance material.

Headspace extends the perfumers pallet. It unlocks nature’s secret garden and provides them with odours that would otherwise be off limits.

Headspace can be summarized as rapid analysis of essential oil components by magnetic nanoparticle assisted microwave distillation and simultaneous solid-phase microextraction followed by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry.

Multiple extraction (MHE) is a dynamic gas extraction performed in stages to determine the amount of volatiles in solid or complex liquid samples.

It is generally used to get results in flowers that are difficult to distill with traditional methods or are very rare.

Headspace Natural replication:

Only this is the most realistic simulation of floral fragrances; By simultaneous distillation or blending of many flowers, seeds, resins, or fruits, the most realistic natural scents can be reflected.


This method is external

If there are these flower scents in the perfume you use, you should know that synthetic form versions are used with 99.99% probability.

This subject, which definitely puts everyone who works on botanical natural perfumes in a difficult situation.

It is impossible to obtain the natural essences of some flowers, which can be briefly summarized as lily of the valley, Kaudupul flower, chocolate Cosmos flower.

Perfume Headspace technology

Chocolate Flower


Chocolate Cosmos Flower 'Cosmos atrosanguineus! The cosmos flower, whose homeland is Mexico, has been extinct for about 112 years.

The cosmos flower, which was last grown in 1902 and was taken under protection in the same year, has been multiplying by vegetative reproduction since this date, that is, cloned.

Growing in temperate climates, chocolate cosmos emits the scent of chocolate vanilla in summer.

Chocolate Cosmos Perfumes:

Anais Anais Flower Edition Cacharel for women

Cioccolato Allegro Atelier Segall & Barutti

#flowerpower Ramon Monegal

Velvet Petals Noir Victoria's Secret

Soft Musk Delice Fleur de Chocolate Avon



Lily of the valley 'Convallaria majalis' has green floral nuances with a clean and bright profile, often used for heart notes in perfumes.

And is used in synthetic forms as it is nearly impossible to distill.

Perfume industry, lily-of-the-valley is used in many perfumes. Contrary to popular belief, the natural scent of this flower could not be obtained after many years of distillation!

So what is it that makes it impossible to naturally distil this flower?

Of course, the natural structure of the flower!

One flower that has always eluded extraction is the Lily of the Valley (Convallaria majalis) or Muguet*: distillation yields very little of an unpleasant smelling oil not a bit like the dense, exotic scent of the fresh flowers.Solvent extraction and even modern CO2 extracts have similarly been completely unable to capture the scent.

This is because the flower produces the scent only at the point of release – none is stored in the flower – so it cannot be extracted.The flower itself only contains pre-cursor chemicals from which the scent is formed directly into the air.

İn other words, after the scent molecules leave the flower, they create and smell a nice scent in the air.

For this reason, natural lily-of-the-valley cannot be used in any perfume in the world, only synthesis versions are used, and scientific studies and experiments are still continuing about natural lily-of-the-valley.

Lily-of-the-valley perfumes:

Lucky Dior for women and men

Lily Of The Valley Yves Rocher for women

Diorissimo Dior for women

Inflorescence Byredo for women

Synthetic Jungle Frederic Malle

Lady of the Night Flower


Kaudupul Flower 'Epiphyllum oxypetalum' It doesn't matter how much money you have in the world of perfumes! It is a very delicate and rare flower that you will probably never be able to smell its true scent in your lifetime, and until now there is no clear information that the true essence has been obtained.

For this reason, although it is stated that it is used in perfumes, the oil obtained by synthesis is used in perfumes!

otherwise, if it were possible to be distilled, it is considered to be a type of flower that is likely to be the most precious and expensive perfume in the world.

'Even 1 ml would probably cost thousands of dollars' and it is also known as the Princess of the Night or the Queen of the Night. This species does not bloom until it is 4 or 5 years old.

Flowering typically takes place between sunset and midnight, and it takes at least an hour to three hours for all the leaves to appear, and very soon the flowers die at dawn.

It blooms the size of a newborn baby's head and has trumpet-shaped flowers with creamy-white, waxy petals. It amazes with its beauty with its intoxicating scent wave similar to magnolia and gardenia.

It is a type of cactus that blooms between July and October.

The Queen of the Night is only found in deserts, the Southwestern United States, Central and South America, and the Antilles. Events for this flower are organized by Local rights to observe the flower blooming at night.

Even though pollination takes place with the help of its sweet intense smell and pollen that attracts hawk moth! It is thought to play an important role in other insect and bat species.

Kaudupul Perfumes:

avon surreal sky

Éclat de Nuit Lanvin for women

avon surreal garden

avatim aurora

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