Blood and Gunpowder

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Perfume Blood and Gunpowder:

In the most interesting fragrances series used in perfumes; The next issue after the component skatol found in human and animal feces is; If we briefly summarize the smell of blood used in perfumes, although it has fragrant nuances with a creepy metallic taste, the explanation for why the smell of blood smells like metal is the iron found in the hemoglobin in its content, and a similar reaction causes it to have a salty taste and odor reminiscent of metal.

Esxence 2011, a niche perfumery fair in Milan by the Italian perfume company, launched the blood aldehyde scented perfume. 'Blood Concept perfume'

The Concept of Blood, interpreted in perfumes, is a special depiction of the lively and fascinating liquid flowing through our veins, and blood is touted in perfumes as the river of life that reveals our inner and unique way of being.

According to the researches, we can find the Rose oxide component, which is reminiscent of the metallic blood smell, which is used as a chemical defense in Aromia Moschata, that is, the musk beetle.

At the same time, Rose oxide component is even a component found in small amounts in rose.

Some perfumes with the world-famous blood scent:

Seems Legit Sucreabeille for women and men.

A Grimm Rose Amaranthvs for women and men.

Cristina la Veneno / Veneno pa' tu piel Ricardo

Ramos Perfumes de Autor for women and men.

The Nightmare Before Christmas Disney

The Swallow (Jaskółka) Scent-Personality

Platinum Rose Nosegasm

Rosenrot Intense Rammstein



Gunpowder: Known as black powder, gunpowder is a chemical compound composed of sulfur, charcoal, and potassium nitrate. It started to be used in the fragrance industry with its bold peppery and smoky scent. Although gunpowder appears to be a masculine fragrance, it has been used in feminine perfumes such as Viktor & Rolf's Flowerbomb Nectar.

Some perfumes with the famous gunpowder scent:

Amour Nocturne L'Artisan Parfumeur for women and men

Iron Duke BeauFort London for women and men

Beagle Fueguia 1833 for women and men

Don Xerjoff for women and men

1805 Tonnerre BeauFort London

La Fin Du Monde Etat Libre d'Orange

Flowerbomb Nectar Viktor&Rolf

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