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Ancient secrets of the Middle East: Onycha

İncense that has been lost and forgotten over time, and although this formula is still not fully known today, the study and research of some religious sources and inscriptions mentioned in the Bible and Hebrew gives some clues about the mysterious formula combination incense component.

Galbanum resin, Soaking in vinegar and wine to remove the odor of a kind of shellfish, which is a kind of mollusk mollusc operculum and Mollusk operculum living in the Red Sea.

Also rumored that it is made from resins such as labdanum resin, myrrh, frankincense, opoponax, benzoin.

Onycha is an incense used only in special rites, and it was deliberately hidden and destroyed with its secrets so that it would not be used for ordinary rituals in the temple of Solomon and to prevent the known formula from being used for malicious purposes.

Onycha as a whole; The Castoreum beaver musk-like Leathery, used in Perfumes today, contains nuances of animalistic and sweet and sooty balsamic vanilla resin.

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