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Whale amber: Amber has never lost its feature of being a precious product used for different purposes such as medicinal aphrodisiac and fragrance since ancient times.

What is amber: Physeter macrocephalus, also known as ambergris, the life of sperm whales is still a mystery today. It is not scientifically known whether the whale excretes this substance or vomits, although it is not scientifically known whether the pathological process is caused by the formation of ambergris in the whale intestine, the sharp beaks of squid and cuttlefish and their indigestible parts.

It is presumed that gastric and intestinal secretions are produced in response to constant irritation and damage.

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Amber: It has a velvety waxy feel when touched and is a sticky, soft, fragrant substance that resembles stone at first glance but does not sink on the water surface when heated.

One of the most important components of the perfume industry, white amber due to the most beautiful smell and quality rich amber, and then the standard quality gray amber is finally fresh black amber with no economic value. It is defined as the salty sea tones of wet algae, creamy sweet caramel, straw, tobacco leaf, animal leather suede, whose pleasant complex aroma is reminiscent of musk, as the air and salty ocean waters oxidize and age over the years.

What is synthetic ambrein: Due to accessibility and cost, synthetic chemicals are now used in almost all perfumes except the most expensive perfumes. Triterpene, the chief component, is intended as the active ingredient synthesized in an secretion from the sperm whale digestive tract, but ambrein by itself is odorless, interacting quite well with aromatic derivatives, a number of biological substances, but is thought to have stabilizing properties for ambroxan and other oderants. Ambrein has been observed to give effective results with harmony in combinations, analgesic is among the substances that provide support for the use of traditional aphrodisiacs, ambrein aphrodisiac amber effects have been proven to increase sexual behavior in rats.

Resin Amber: The differences between the two ambers are quite obvious and clear, and the two types of amber are often confused with each other.

Commonly called amber, amber stone, amber, fossil amber. Essentially odorless, amber consists of a mixture of vanilla, Tonka, Peru Balsam, Tolu Balsam, Benzoin, Laden resin, and amber oil is obtained from the fossilized essence of prehistoric cones and resin by sandal-based Hydro distillation. Amber is a fossil resin. This resin is very popular in perfumes.

Ambergris perfumes:

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Tuxedo Yves Saint Laurent

Colonia Ambra Acqua di Parma

Dionisio Tiziana Terenzi

Les Absolus d'Orient Ambre Eternel Guerlain

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