Musk Tahara

The musk deer owes its distinctive smell to a unique compound called muscone. It owes its life, however, to a scientific discovery that was made entirely by accident: In 1888, German chemist Albert Baur was attempting to make an explosive more powerful than TNT. But works a different purpose! While doing research, he accidentally discovered an artificial musk.

By Albert Baur definitely much cheaper wonderful method, it saved the lives of tens of thousands of deer, and it helped form the base of famous perfumes such as Chanel No. 5.

Albert Baur from Vikipedia

First synthetic musk also known as white musk, musk tahara, gazelle bone musk, musk abyad in the perfume industry was discovered in 1926.

The musk tahara fragrance notes released by perfume manufacturing companies vary according to the launch, but musk tahara; what they all have in common is creamy consistency and dense

General comment: Dusty soft musky sweet refined notes, Usually white floral flower nuances, more feminine aspects with a dominant silk-velvety feel, elegant, seductive rounded milky and citrus notes

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