Mushrooms and Mosses

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Perfumes Mushrooms and Mosses lichens

Base and heart notes


It is a fragrance note that is generally used in summer sports fresh perfumes.

It has salty ocean nuances of seaweed and a greenish herbal, wood/phenolic aroma with soft suede leather undertones and is mainly used for male perfume notes.

Some perfumes using seaweed:

Aqva Pour Homme Bvlgari

Salaria Giardino Benessere

Sel Marin James Heeley

Costa Azzurra Tom Ford

Sea Island Antonio Visconti


Porcini mushrooms:

The porcini mushroom, which is among the most interesting and charismatic scents of the perfume world, is a type of mushroom that grows naturally under coniferous trees such as spruce and fir.

Known for its unique and wonderful aroma in the kitchens, porcini is known for its use in perfumes: the intense dark brown pure oil obtained by absolute solvent distillation technique after its use in perfumes, the smell of dark chocolate soaked with oak ash, as well as a smoky cocoa, a little salty brine and of course earthy oak moss and a pinch of sweetness. We can briefly summarize it as a rare, complex form that resembles moldy straw and contains sweet, salty and bitter tastes.

Perfumes using porcini mushrooms:

Sepia Aftelier for women and men

Enticing Anya's Garden for women and men

Parloir Rebel & Mercury for women and men

Mushroom Demeter Fragrance for women and men

Olympic Rainforest Olympic Orchids Artisan Perfumes


Truffle Mushroom:

Truffle is used for a delicious and slightly bitter aroma that creates a sense of exoticism.

The aroma of truffles is difficult to describe as it is complex, the first impression it gives is like a combination of chocolate, cocoa and earthy mixture and then deep musk, oak, walnut aromas.

Some perfumes using truffles:

Black Orchid Tom Ford

Valentina Valentino for women

Noir de Noir Tom Ford

Pathetique O'Driu

La Vamp Bouge


Pine, cedar, oak moss:

Cedar and Pine Moss: Cooked smoky, deep dark, wet, has a strong seaweed scent note. For the perfume industry, large quantities of tree moss are distilled every year in France. Generally, pure oil obtained by solvent absolute distillation method is used in perfume notes.

Oak moss:

Oak moss: Obtained from oak moss, this fragrance is usually obtained by steam or solvent distillation and is usually used in base notes. It has a moist, warm green, woody, deep and strong aroma like old rainforest.

Some perfumes using tree moss:

Hacivat Nishane

Nomade Chloé

Mitsouko Eau de Parfum Guerlain

Bottega Veneta Bottega Veneta

La Panthère Parfum Cartier


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