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The scent of orientalism Mukhallat:

Mukhallat: It is an Arabic term meaning mixing of non-alcoholic fragrance oils.

They are usually made by blending different oils, and each new blend differs in flavor according to the ingredients used in making it, as well as the origin, quality and ratio of those ingredients.

Mukhallat are very popular attar perfumes in Middle Eastern countries.

Mukhallat Ingredients and Aroma:

Each mukhallat mixture has its own unique smell.

Mukhallat in Kannauj Attar is produced by co-distillation of pure oils such as jasmine, rose, saffron, oud, amber etc.

It has a rich floral aroma and sweet notes worthy of royal perfumes. The 'fruity' scent is quite impressive to maintain the emotional balance of the human mind.

Mukhallat Attar Benefits:

The floral aroma of Mukhallat Attar is very effective in relieving all kinds of stress.

Most people prefer this for personal use to relax and calm the mind after a busy work day.

Also used in aromatherapy for its therapeutic properties.

Some incense manufacturers also prefer this thrower in their products.

These are some of the oldest known perfume combinations in the world, dating back to ancient Egypt, where they were made using what we originally called "enfleurage", which involves infusing it in small amounts of neutral base oil and then aging it.

Mukhallat camel leather, whose aromatic quality develops and matures sometimes after 10 years, is still aged in the same way, making it one of the scents that make it valuable and rare.

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