Sandalwood of africa

Extraction Method: Steam Distilled

Muhuhu African Sandalwood oil is extracted from the wood of the Muhuhu tree that is Native to Kenya, Tanzania, and the African Coast.

Muhuhu is quite useful in cosmetics, botanical perfumery ingredient.

Muhuhu essential oil is often used as a lower cost substitute for İndia sandalwood essential oil.

The aroma is similar to sandalwood and has similar therapeutic properties, hence the nickname “African Sandalwood”. This is a less commonly, rare used / available essential oil and adds a lovely warm into ceremonial blends, botanical perfumes. and adds effectiveness in cosmetics, cream, beauty care products.

The sweet balsamic undertone in Muhuhu essential oil rounds out its woody, faintly smoky side that can be likened to a combination of Cedarwood and Maple, Slightly like-vetiver

Natural perfumes, Muhuhu is an excellent general fixative and interesting essential oil to use because it is base note heavy while not affecting the overall aroma of other aromatics it is combined with. Also In blending Muhuhu adds a woody smokiness not unlike Indonesian Vetiver,

Blends well with: Rose , Agarwood, Rosewood, Sandalwood Absolute, Vetiver (Haiti), Ylang Ylang, Guaiacwood, Birch, Oakmoss

Muhuhu perfumes:

Wings of Spring Acidica Perfumes

Le Serval DSH Perfumes

Oud Picante Areej Le Doré

Guardian Solstice Scents

Amazing JoAnne Bassett

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