Lebanese Cedarwood

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Perfume and Lebanese Cedarwood

The world famous and antique, perhaps thousand-year-old cedars of Lebanon are protected by law against felling or any kind of exploitation. The tree, Cedrus Libani, grows wild in the mountains of Lebanon and in the nearby island of Cyprus. Although the wood—and thereby indirectly the essential oil—from this tree is one of the oldest known perfume materials, the oil is not very available.

Cedar may well claim the right to be called one of the first materials used by man for flavor and aroma. In ancient Egyptian mythology (this was about 6 thousand years ago), the cedar tree (the Lebanese cedar, to be more precise, but more on that below) was considered a symbol of the connection between heaven, earth and the underworld, and it. Even the priests of Osiris chewed cedar resin during rituals. From a botanical point of view, cedar (lat. Cedrus ) is a genus of coniferous trees of the pine family (lat. Pinaceae ).

Cedar of Lebanon (lat. Cedrus libani ) This plant is a traditional symbol of Lebanon, it is depicted on the flag of this state and is a symbol of immortality.

The cedar of Lebanon is the oldest Christian symbol, it is mentioned several times in the Bible: (Psalm 91:13 "The righteous bloom in Lebanon like a date palm, high as a cedar"). In ancient times, this tree was widely used in construction and shipbuilding.

Lebanese cedar oil is one of the oldest perfume ingredients, a reddish liquid with a powdered balsamic cedarwood, sweet scent, but has not been infused for quite some time. In his famous book on essential oils, Stephen Arctender wrote that there is hardly a perfumer among the living who has tried real Lebanese cedarwood oil. Often times, if someone offers you Lebanese cedar essential oil, they are hiding an oil from another related plant. Contrary to thought! cedar essential oil is quite very rare.

Cedrus libani is steam distillation from logs of the tree.

Base notes

Rare Lebanese Cedarwood

Botanical perfumery


Resinous sweet balsamic, Warm and creamy. woody Slightly spicy and dusty. The main difference with other quality of cedarwood is this creaminess with is absent in Texas and Virginian and lower in Atlas. Excellent aroma

Best blends With: Bamboo, Massoia Bark, Milk, Coconut, Palo santo wood, Agarwood, Sandalwood, Caramel, Myrrh, Cherry, Red apple

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