Leather scent: The first officially documented leather scent was used in perfumes by King George III - British royalty.

Still available today, this fragrance was the first fragrance designed by Creed, a manufacturer of royal leather gloves. Because the king was very fond of the scent of scented gloves, he asked Creed to use the scent of leather in perfumes.

Today, the acquisition and reproduction of leather scent is achieved by using scents synthesized in the laboratory as well as naturally derived scents.


Natural sources include a blend of birch, juniper and cade, styrax resin, cassie, beaver musk, myrtle and labdanum resin.

Also, to obtain this strong animal scent, synthetic variations of it created in the perfumery laboratory were created. The smell of leather can be described as leathery suede, but as light, powdery, sharp, woody, animalic.

Leather, which is said to be a masculine scent, is generally used in base notes in perfumes.

Leather Perfumes:

Fahrenheit Dior for men

Dior Homme Parfum Dior for men

Prada L'Homme Intense Prada

Ombre Leather Parfum Tom Ford

Vibrant Leather Eau de Parfum Zara

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