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Attar is the most natural essence of the perfume, which has an olfactory pyramid just like in perfumes, but obtained by traditional old methods


The Arabian peninsula, which is the homeland of fragrances and perfumes dating back to ancient times, specializes in fragrance production with different distillation techniques and is derived from the Arabic word Qatar, which means fragrance and essence. It means the word derived from perfumer or spice shop. it is an essential oil.

Most commonly, these oils are obtained by hydro distillation or steam distillation.

Attar can also be obtained by chemical means, but generally Attar is classified as steam distilled natural perfumes.

The scent of honey was first used in perfumes by the Arabs.

Today, more than 300 essential oils are distilled or extracted worldwide.

Essential oils are not technically oils, they contain very concentrated plant components, but since it is the acids in an oil that make it, essential oils o not contain acids and are not included in the class. However, nowadays, old techniques are gradually forgotten and replaced by modern distillation tools and devices, so Enfleurage oil distillation technique is replaced by techniques such as solvent absolute, Co2, Sco2, ultrasonic distillation.


Kannauj region of Uttar Pradesh, India, traditional old methods in perfumes still maintain their importance today. It is an ideal solution for consistency.

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