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Kinam agarwood formation: Termite ants, woodpecker, bumblebee ' infected tree, which is caused by the reaction of a certain amount of honey leaking into the tree trunk from the formation of honeycombs' as a result of damage to the tree to make a nest cracking, branch breakage, rot or cutting of the tree trunk when exposed to strong impacts of natural disasters, floods and strong storms.

It is the resin process produced by the tree as a result of its resistance when injured by some diseased fungal organisms as a result of the natural process that causes.

Most valuable agarwood of all time

Kinam agarwood Almost nothing is known about its formation process

Kinam Vietnam scent: It has a very characteristic odor, it is a cool scent like mints, it is sweet, feel bitter then you will see sweetness followed by sour and spicy,

Kinam Vietnam includes 4 main types, which are:

CứngThanh Kỳ is bluish, with a little oil it's hard, with a lot of oil, it's soft

MềmBạch Kỳ is white, with a lot of oil and soft substance

MềmHuỳnh Kỳ is yellow beeswax, heavy and hard.

Hắc Kỳ is black and hard


I guess it would not be an exaggeration to say that the oud tree oil, which is sold under the name of pure oil obtained from kinam kannam in the market, is almost 99% likely to be fake. In addition, these special agarwood chips and wood pieces, which have undergone this process in nature, have a very high resin content and the wood chips placed in the water will sink to the bottom, and it has been observed that it has enough resin to scrape the resin on the sawdust with a knife.

Tropical humid climate It is estimated that the decay and aging that remains under the ground due to exposure to weather conditions for decades and the destruction of the diseased tree over the years are important factors affecting the maturation of the Kinam tree.

Laos, Indonesia, Cambodia, Philippines, Vietnam, India people living in went on this dangerous journey to the deep rainforests in the hope of finding a small piece of wood belonging to these precious trees that died spontaneously and remained buried in the mud and soil, returning empty-handed or risking their lives to avoid mosquitoes.

The state waiting for the forest to prevent the spread of malaria microbes, sudden flooding, floods, loss of limbs and limbs in the mined areas close to military areas from old wars or resulting in death, fatal accidents on steep slopes and cliff edges, wild animal attacks and ultimately illegal cutting It is known that the security forces opened fire and resulted in deaths. To sum up, my opinion is that research continues on this process, which remains a mystery, as there are still many questions still waiting to be answered.

Considered the most valuable incense agarwood tree known in the world, a 200-year-old agarwood tree inside the Wat bang kradan temple, close to the Cambodian border, is very well protected by the military checkpoint and it is believed that this tree is kinam. According to the temple monks, although 23 million dollars were offered by Japanese businessmen This offer was not accepted by the temple monks.

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