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The city of Magical Perfumes Kannauj:


This ancient city is the perfume capital of India. For centuries perfumers in Kannauj have worked their alchemy to devise "liquid gold".

Indian city of Kannauj, time is a mystical city stuck somewhere between the past and the present.

flower farm with the first light of the morning to collect the randomly planted hand-harvested rose petals on the banks of the Ganges river. The densest rose petals are now ready to be collected in jute sacks.

Kannauj, a small city known as the "perfume capital of India", the sweet scent of roses permeates the interior of the city.

Using the oldest known distillation methods in the world, the uniquely scented perfume attars of Ancient India produce botanical perfumes based on natural sandalwood oil.

Since the Mughal royal culture, the scents of Kannauj have gained fame with their precious perfume oils, which are admired by people all over the world.

But at the beginning of the 20th century! Although the Kannauj perfume arts are outdated, Kannauj perfumers today stubbornly defy time and continue to practice and maintain their craft in the same old-fashioned ways.

These traditional scents, which have been reborn in their ashes in recent years, have started to become the center of attention all over the world once again with the value and respect they deserve.

Kannauj has been manufacturing perfume attars for over 400 years.

This profound experience of the ancient master craftsmen of Kannauj dates back more than 200 years, even from the perfume history of Grasse in the Provence region of France.

The artisanal method, known locally as degh-bhapka in Hindi, uses copper retorts and clay retorts to achieve the optimum, correct temperature with wood and cow dung.

Today! About 350 traditional fragrance distillers still operating in Kannauj still exist and how the glazed formulas of fragrances are passed down through generations.

Kannauj roads are a place where you can witness the economic and cultural differences, where fruit sellers are intertwined, pushing wooden carts filled with guava fruit and ripe bananas, as well as expensive Mercedes cars coming for golf.

When the world's best perfumers are reached through the narrow roads of this Indian city, the way to get the Kannauj perfume attar owes to the experienced hands of humble artisanal craftsmen who come into contact with mud and cow dung.

Many workshops, no modern tools, including electricity, pressure gauges, thermometers, etc. are still used! Test the water temperature with their hands, based only on procedure and deep experience by masters! In order to understand how much heat will be added to the fire, they have carried to the present day as a unique art, thanks to their long years of knowledge, to make a good smell by only listening to the hissing of the steam coming out of the retort and feeling the most appropriate pressure and temperature.

Modern perfumery simple reasons for cheap neutral and easily popular diffusion are the use of alcohol as a carrier and the use of cheaper substitute chemicals.

However, attar perfumes are traditionally made with sandalwood oil.

This method has very positive aspects in terms of human health, and sandalwood, which is used as a carrier oil in its content, does not wear out the skin After applying a small drop on the wrist or the back of the ear, which is very easily absorbed, the fragrance penetrates the skin and sometimes gives off pleasant fragrances for days.

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