Indian Kuppis

A Kuppi is a bottle made from undyed leather. They were mostly used in perfumery to store and make essential oils.

The walls of this vase are translucent and it is very light. Each Kuppi is made by hand and takes a lot of skill to layer the leather into shape.

Originally made from camel skin skin, these flask-like bottles are called traditional kuppis.

Traditional indian distiller believe that an attar not stored in the kuppi was ‘essentially ruined’.

Kuppis were used by essence/attar-makers and preferred due to their permeability towards water.

Purpose: The leather would absorb any extra moisture, allowing water to evaporate and only attar in its truest scent, to remain.

Actually kuppis leather bottle; because it is a breathable bottle Its most important task is to expel some undesirable chemical components in essential oil through perspiration.

For example: It reduces the iron content in patchouli oil and makes it much more refined and fragrant in rounded lines. It takes the excess paraffins in the rose oil and makes it much softer, sweet and deeply scented etc....

actually kuppis camel skin bottles are a kind of primitive molecular extraction but It is very effective and the most natural method. It is also used to bring the natural oil trapped inside to a more consistent consistency.

Kuppis important issue in the quality of Indian unique oils.

Certainly, these effective and ancient methods they have developed have a very important role in fragrances oil quality.

Definitely a product that should be in the inventory of every botanical perfumer.

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