India Agarwood

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Aquilaria agallocha

Agarwood oil has layered scent notes that can be felt just like perfumes.

The smell of the oil from the first moment you apply it to your body! The smell that comes out after a couple of hours will not be the same.

Agarwood is still a product that contains many unknown mystery and is waiting to be discovered

The mossy scent of old deep forests, Sweet animal nuances charming harmony, Warm, purple fruits is crowned with a very rich and lasting aroma.

Bengal Agarwood oil specific fragrance profile:

Top: Smoky sour grape molasses and purple fruit sweet tart

Heart: Woody, Oriental fenugreek and turmeric paste and Roasted Sweet Almonds

Base: Steamed Musky, Mastik gum, Incense like-amberish,

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