Fruit And Seed

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Lemon is generally used in summer light perfumes suitable for daily use.

The lemon, which is felt in the top notes in perfumes and is very popular in colognes, takes its place among the fragrant fruits that are appreciated even in daily life with its sour, sharp, fresh, bright, cheerful and invigorating effect.

Lemon perfumes:

Light Blue Dolce&Gabbana for women

Versace Pour Homme Versace for men

Allure Homme Edition Blanche Chanel

Acqua di Gioia Giorgio Armani for women

CK One Calvin Klein for women and men



Orange is generally a member of the Citrus family, which is specific to the Mediterranean climate, and is used in perfumes as top notes.

Red orange or orange orange of the sweet or bitter orange type is frequently used in perfumes. Like other Citrus fruits, it is used for a clear, sparkling fresh accent.

Orange perfumes:

Light Blue Dolce&Gabbana for women

Terre d'Hermes Hermès for men

Cheap & Chic I Love Love Moschino

Boss in Motion Hugo Boss

Clinique Happy Clinique



It is found in seasonally dry tropical forests such as Peru, Venezuela, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Colombia, Ecuador.

It is derived only from its fruit rather than distilled from Palo santo timber.

Although Palo Santo essential oil has definite similarities with the essential oil obtained from the fruit or wood part of the aromatic notes, the essential oil obtained from the fruit is quite rich and deep. Extremely aromatic with a rich sweetness similar to balsamic incense.

It has sweet, woody, balsamic, citrus, spice nuances.

Palo santo perfumes:

Become the Shaman DSH Perfumes

Eau de Californie Celine

Ébène Fumé Tom Ford

Noble Palo Santo Zara

Open Sky Byredo



This fruit, which is used in the top notes in perfumes, has a sweet-sour center and comes among the very fragrant fruits of citrus fruits with very little citrus, a little pine, lemon fresh nuances.

Kumquat perfumes:

Le Jardin de Monsieur Li by Hermès

Soleil de Capri by Montale

Ck One Summer Daze by Calvin Klein

Uomo? by Moschino

Moschino Forever by Moschino



It is a fragrance specially produced for natural perfumery. After this process, fermentation and aging, the yeast precipitate residues remaining at the bottom of the oak barrels are obtained by steam distillation. It is used in colognes and special formulations! The aged fragrance gives fresh fruity natural notes reminiscent of a fresh grape blend. Contains nuances of richly scented moist greenish sweet fresh grapes with seductive nuances. It is among the precious oils that are rarely used in perfumery in the base notes.

Schizandra Grape

Schisandra Grape "Schisandrachinensis" grows naturally in humid and warm forests in the Far East regions of China, Korea, Japan and Russia. Called the grape-like red magnolia fruit or five-flavored fruit, the Chinese emperor Shen Nong believed that the schisandra plant was a superior herb that maintains health and prolongs life, and this fruit is known as wu-wei-zi, which is sour, sweet, bitter, hot, and salty.

Pure oil obtained so that the natural scent of this fruit can be used in perfumes; Pure supercritical Carbon Dioxide is obtained using the extraction distillation technique.

Fruit aroma: It has an interesting aromatic accords of dried plum, reminiscent of hot gooseberry, which is sweet, spicy, sour, salty and fruity at the same time. It is felt in the top and heart notes in perfumes.

Grapes perfumes:

Casablanca Swiss Arabian

Marinis Santa Eulalia for women and men

Karagoz Nishane for women and men

Grape Leaf Demeter Fragrance

S8 Icon Oriflame for men


Black currant:

Fragrance and uses of black currant Absolute: It has fruity and at the same time sulfur and animal notes, giving it a lasting, luminous character. Its botanical name is Ribesnigrum L. Native to the colder parts of the Northern Hemisphere, blackcurrant is grown mainly in Poland and England, along with the Burgundy and Loire Valley regions of France. The large, bright green leaves are divided into five lobes with finely serrated tips. The underside of each leaf is covered with scent glands that contain the strong, fruity scent characteristic of blackcurrant. In spring, the plant becomes covered with small green flowers that form hanging clusters that give rise to juicy, black fruits to be harvested in summer.

Blackcurrant grows wild in cool areas, as the plant's buds need sufficiently cool temperatures to develop properly. The leaf buds are what are used to produce our 100% pure and natural French currant bud absolute product.

These very fragrant pieces are harvested in January and February and extracted with volatile solvents and turned into concrete. Absolute is then obtained by ethanol extraction of concrete. Like cognac or Davana, it emits a fruity scent and also has sulphurous and animalistic notes, giving it a lasting, luminous character.

With its unique scent of black currant, it is among the most important scents that should definitely be found in the perfumer's palette.

Blackcurrant buds: Before the currant flowers open, they are collected as buds and pure oil is obtained by steam distillation / absolute distillation method. 1 kg of pure oil is obtained from 300 kg of blackcurrant bud flowers by absolute distillation and is used in perfumes and cosmetics.

Aroma: To sum up, blackcurrant with a very complex scent has a light woody nuance and phenolic dried intense spicy and pungent. It also has a slightly fruity and sulphurous scent that can be used to replace other floral/citrus flavors while at the same time deep, warm, wine-like earthy with an intense, dominant green/fruity, pungent, citrus-like aroma, the most beautiful in perfumes that form the basis of a bold and unique aroma. can be briefly summarized as odors.

Black currant perfumes:

Sì Intense 2021 Giorgio Armani

Mixed Emotions Byredo

Amethyst Lalique for women

Silver Mountain Water Creed

Amor Amor Cacharel


Sea buckthorn:

Sea buckthorn: It is a species of flowering plant in the family Elaeagnaceae, native to parts of Europe and Asia.

Fruity characteristic Sea buckthorn and slightly fruity wine, whose fragrant oil is obtained by distilling supercritical Co2 at low temperatures, which is the molecular structure of the fruit scent for perfumes with extremely hot steam and the precision distillation technique to prevent the scent from burning at this temperature. It has a musky aroma reminiscent of the smell of grain seeds stored in jute fabric sacks.

At the same time, the odor of the oil obtained from sea buckthorn is similar to the odor of carrot seeds obtained by steam distillation and okra seed oil in ambette.

It is often used in perfumes for heart notes. Cold press method distiller is used for skin and hair care.

Sea buckthorn perfumes:

Slovenian Wine Acidica Perfumes

Cloud Collection Zarkoperfume

Vert insight Incarna parfums

Eau Cerise DSH Perfumes

Oblepiha i Kryzhovnik Sister Fox Лисичка-сестричка



Cupuacu: Theobroma grandiflorum is a tropical fruit found in the Amazon forest basin and Central and South America. It is used in areas such as food ice cream, as well as in rare and expensive perfumes.

Cupuacu fruit is also known as one of the most expensive edible tropical fruits in the world.

The cupuacu fruit is closely related to cocoa.

The outer shell of the fruit has a fragrant aroma reminiscent of a mixture of chocolate and pineapple.

The inner parts of the fruit have the aroma of juicy pear and green banana.

Cupuacu perfumes:

au Caramel Kyse Perfumes

Le Charmant Absolu Charme Essência

Egeo Cherry Blast O Boticário

Frescor Flor de Cupuaçú Natura

Be Trendy Extreme Dzintars



The scent of bergamot, especially used in men's perfumes, exhibits citrus, slightly bitter, spicy, elegant, fruity and aromatic green tea nuances and is felt in the top notes, which are the first opening of perfumes.

Bergamot perfumes:

Vibrant Leather Eau de Parfum Zara

Dior Homme Cologne 2013 Dior

Sauvage Dior for men

Acqua di Giò Profumo Giorgio Armani Wulong Cha Nishane for women and men


CLEMENTINE tangerine:

Red clementine tangerine: Clementine essential oil, a hybrid fruit, is usually extracted from the peel of the fruit by cold pressing method to obtain pure oil. . The scent of Clementine is sweeter than orange and exhibits a faintly spicy bergamot profile accompanied by a darker watery and less acidic soft scent.

Clementine perfumes:

Clémentine California Atelier Cologne Aqua Allegoria Mandarine Basilic Guerlain

Cinéma Yves Saint Laurent

CK One Shock For Him Calvin Klein

Little Gold Dress Avon



It is generally used in top and heart notes with green fresh watery, slightly metallic nuances, obtained by nanodienal synthesis for perfumes.

Cucumber perfumes:

Ralph Lauren polo blue

Elizabeth arden green tea cucumber

DKNY Be Delicious Donna Karan

Polo Blue Ralph Lauren for men

En Passant Frederic Malle for women



Calone methylbenzodioxyepinone aroma chemically synthesized Exotic sweet warm fruity, one of the popular fragrances of the 1990s, exhibits a very warm and inviting fragrance profile and is used in perfumes as top and heart notes.

Melon perfumes: Zara peach margarita

Cristian Dior J'adore

Davidoff cool water

Clean Rain Clean for women

L'eau d'Issey Issey Miyake



It is often used in perfumes for top and heart notes.

Fig and fig leaf: Fig scent used in perfumes and colognes, sometimes fig leaf, sometimes fig fruit is used.

The leaves have a complex green sweet lactonic scent, while the fruit contains very sweet, honey nuances.

Figs perfumes:

Womanity Mugler for women

Angel Eau Croisière 2020 Mugler

Figues & Agrumes Lancome

Pulp Byredo

Velvet Vetiver Dolce&Gabbana



In perfumes, there are soft fruity warm sweet, fuzzy jam-like lactonic fruit nuances that can be felt in the top notes, which are usually the first time the apricot smell is squeezed.

Apricot perfumes:

Daisy Love Daze Marc Jacobs

Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet Dior

Fame Lady Gaga

Olympea Legend Paco Rabanne

Rare Flowers Solar Narcissus Avon



Dates is from the palm family and grows in tropical, temperate and desert climates such as palm trees.

Perfumes use palm scent to emphasize the syrupy honey and sweet fruity sugar effect.

Dates perfumes:

The One Luminous Night Dolce&Gabbana

Atlas Garden Yves Saint Laurent

Nomade Naturelle Eau de Parfum Chloé

Dates Delight The House of Oud

Amber Desire Carolina Herrera



It is from the mulberry family and is among the largest tree-grown fruits in the world. It rarely reaches 25 cm in diameter and can weigh up to 35 kg.

One of the most beautiful exotic fruit scents in perfumes, this fruit flavor and smell is often used as top notes in perfumes, with its rich aroma that gives a sweet luxury feeling, like a melon, a little apricot-like apricot tart.

Jackfruit perfumes:

CK Free Calvin Klein

Reine de Mai Charrier Parfums

Moody Arabian

Oud Titanium Ajmal

Sunset Flavour Annemarie Börlind



It is a kind of palm fruit that grows in tropical regions.

Since this fruit has a very pleasant smell and taste, it is also used in the food industry such as ice cream, cake and beverage. It is obtained with infused distilled & Co2 for use in perfumes. It has a very unusual and musk, fruit and jasmine mixture aromatic smell. It is often used as top notes in perfumes.

Asai perfumes:

8 Vintage Luxe Abercrombie & Fitch

Petit Attitude Bee Avon

5th Avenue NYC Live Elizabeth Arden

Açaí O Boticário

Tempting Sofia Vergara



Gooseberry is generally used in the top notes of perfumes, with its slightly tart aroma similar to currants, it blends very well with other fruits.

Gooseberry perfumes:

United Dreams Together for Her Benetton

L'Eau Cheap and Chic Moschino

Wish Chopard for women

Larissa Manoela Jequiti for women

The Luminous Gold Tous for women



It is a sharp-edged citrus member with citrus nuances with a sweeter and fresher dry profile than lemon. It is generally used in male fragrances and top notes in perfumes.

Lime perfumes:

Virgin Island Water Creed

Under The Lemon Tree Maison Martin Margiela

Wanted Tonic Azzaro for men

Aqua Celestia Maison Francis Kurkdjian

Eau de Gaga Lady Gaga



For perfumes, the smell of pure oil obtained by the cold-pressed method has sharp lines, reminiscent of grapefruit, but with a less dirty citrus nuances. It is often used in top notes.

Pomelo perfumes:

Open Sky Byredo for women and men

Avon Luck Limitless for Her Avon

Fantasia Anna Sui for women

Osmanthus Ormonde Jayne

Omnia Pink Sapphire Bvlgari


Bitter Almond:

The characteristic aroma of bitter almond Co2 distiller, which is one of the most beautiful scents of perfumes, besides the intense aroma of lightly roasted almonds resembling walnuts, its aroma reminiscent of cherry is generally used in the heart notes of perfumes.

Bitter almond perfumes:

Hypnotic Poison Dior for women

Perfect Marc Jacobs for women

Girl of Now Elie Saab for women

L’Homme Ideal Guerlain for men

Italica (2021) Xerjoff for women and men



Its aroma reminiscent of a soft, syrupy pumpkin dessert is used in perfumes and it is one of the rare scents.

Pumpkin perfumes:

Fabulous Me Paco Rabanne

Pumpkin Spice Latte Demeter

Spicy Pumpkin & Marshmallow Jousset Parfums

Temptress Harvey Prince for women

Mond Slumberhouse



The familiar classic vinegar smell; fruity, acidic, chalky, warm wine green

Vinegar perfumes:

Guilty Pour Homme Eau de Parfum Gucci

Faryal Swiss Arabian for women and men

Nebras Attar Asgharali for women and men

Frisson d'Amour Attirance for women

Fille d'Eve Nina Ricci for women



Tamarind is a type of tree that has been grown in all tropical countries, especially India & Egypt & Thailand for a long time, although it is of African origin from the legume family, and it has a pleasant and sweet smell.

In the Ottoman Empire, tamarind sherbet, the main ingredient of which was this fruit, became indispensable for the sultans, which was adopted as a panacea.

It is used in oriental middle eastern perfume notes by distilling the bark and fruits. Tamarind : It is a unique note with sweet, soft, vaguely tart, warm spice breezes, and it blends beautifully with the blend of honey, narcissus, tuberose, lily, frangipani, rose.

Tamarind perfumes:

Cocoa Tamarind Voluspa for women

Ginger Milk Thymes for women and men

Sofia Detaille for women

Neo Evolution Avon for men

Love Spell Eau de Toilette Victoria's Secret



White grapefruit and red grapefruit, which are very popularly used in perfumes, can both be summed up in the same subject due to their very similar aroma. It is sharp, fresh, bitter, bitter, sour, and is felt in the top notes, which are the opening note.

Grapefruit perfumes:

Mugler Cologne Fly Away Mugler

Vetiver Pamplemousse Zara

Pink Grapefruit The Body Shop

Chance Eau Tendre Chanel

Bleu de Chanel Chanel



For perfumes, fragrant pure oil is obtained from olive fruit by solvent absolute distillation technique.

The interaction of olive with other notes in perfumes is blended to achieve a sea breeze fresh, cold salty refined aroma, green and Oceanic, grassy pepper effect, to modernize and strengthen the sea accords, and very good results are obtained.

Olive perfumes:

The Babes Spicy Mango Oriflame

Olive & Petit Grain Yves Rocher

Oh My Cat Dog Generation

Pleasure Bouge for women

Myrrh Anointing Oil Ein Gedi


Litsea Cubeba:

Natural citrus scent among new favorite notes with many uses in perfumery and aromatherapy. The fruit, flowers and leaves are distilled for essential oil.

Fresh citrus lemon fresh-woody verbena citral has a crisp citrus scent with warm woody-spicy camphor. It is considered sweeter and milder than lemongrass when compared to lemongrass and lemon verbena.

Litsea cubeba perfumes:

White Grapefruit & May Chang Abahna

Verveine Fragonard for women

Malibu Lemon Blossom Pacifica

300 Km/h Gamer Avon

Dhofar Xerjoff for men


Black Elderberry:

Black elderberry exhibits a very complex fragrance profile and is used as a heart note in precious perfumes.

Sambucus nigra

Pure oil obtained by solvent absolute distillation technique; It identifies as sweet, dried herb, dried fruit and coumarin, tobacco-like, also floral, fruity, Honey-like fragrance. It is felt in a rich, sweet, chocolate cherry-like aroma.

Elderberry perfumes:

Gelat'Eau Zoella Beauty

Ottoman Sultana Luxodor

Dandelion Wine For Or To

Eau Fraiche Bvlgari

Wave of Love La Rive



Mulberry is the fruit of the tree Morus Alba. Originally native to southern Asia, it grows wild and is cultivated in many temperate regions of the world.

In Chinese herbal medicine! It has been used for centuries to treat heart disease, diabetes, anemia, and arthritis. Mulberry is packed with a wide variety of nutrients and vitamins that the body needs.

Its wood is yellow in colour. It is used to make agricultural tools and musical instruments. There is no information yet that the mulberry tree part is used in perfumes.

Mulberry used in perfumes contains mouth-watering fantastic sweet, sorbet fruit nuances. With the isotope synthesis method in the perfume industry, the berry flavor closest to reality is obtained.

Mulberry perfumes:

Benetton Bianco Benetton

Men's Collection Citrus Tonic Oriflame

Goldea The Roman Night Bvlgari

Bella Donna Jul et Mad Paris

Mure - Berry Outremer


Raspberry and Leaf:

The fragrance derived from raspberry and its leaf is an appreciated natural fragrance with a deep, captivating aroma of sweetish sour berries.

Rubus idaeus

Raspberry berry is known as a perfume note with a rose-themed sweet, fruity slightly sherbet accord.

Raspberry Leaf The fragrant pure oil obtained from the leaves of Rubus idaeus by solvent absolute distillation technique is frequently used in cosmetics and perfumery. It has a pleasant aroma with surprising depth and complex character. Fruit pie with jam, mulled wine, all the juicy, sweet, sun-ripened fruit accords are revealed! It contains notes reminiscent of Leathery, balsamic caramel, raisins, benzoin and fir in its undertones.

Raspberry perfumes:

Angel Nova Mugler for women

Tresor Midnight Rose Lancome

Rose Extase Nina Ricci

Tuscan Leather Tom Ford

Individuel Montblanc for men



Mango, the fruit of the tranquility of the orange sun of the warm tropical beaches

Mango is a sweet tropical fruit note reminiscent of juicy peach and slightly pine scent.

Mango perfumes:

Polo Black Ralph Lauren for men

Mango The Body Shop

Sunplosion Simone Andreoli

Mango Manga Montale

Un Jardin Sur Le Nil Hermès



One of the most fragrant perfume notes, carob palm-like jam, wood resin sweet syrup, slightly dusty musk, cocoa nuances and unique scent are used in perfumes as top, heart and base notes.

Carob perfumes:

Pentimento Jorum Studio

Esencia Tierra Mar de ibiza

Zorba Jardins d’Ecrivains



Pistachio very special perfume material with a salty, nutty, woody and clean clear intelligible odor.

It is used to give crispness and warmth in perfume blend after obtaining pure oil with co2 distillation.

Great harmony with the blend in almost all perfume notes.

However, it is commonly used in the base or heart notes in the fragrance pyramid.

Pistachio perfumes:

Girl of Now Elie Saab for women

Soleil Blanc Tom Ford for women and men

Pistachio DS&Durga for women and men

Rôses Berberanza Lancome

The Collection Elegant Vetiver Hugo Boss



Perfume ingredients

Theobroma cacao

  • Aroma Family: Gourmand

Cocao Absolute distillation is highly recommended for chocolate lovers as the aroma is like that of fine dark chocolate.

The cacao tree is native to the Amazon rainforest.

Also Cocoa beans are technically not beans or legumes, but seeds

Cocoa absolute is extracted from the roasted beans of Theobroma cacao. It has a warm, bittersweet, and earthy aroma with characteristic chocolate notes.

Roasted smoky, sooty sweet/cocoa bitter, powdery, milky, liqueur like : coffee, earthy

For Perfumer:

Cacao absolite; Completely oil soluble 'For attar perfume oil making'

Cocoa Colourless Absolute; Completely Alcohol soluble - Extraction of cocoa with a blend of ethanol and triacetin, with an additional step of molecular distillation 'For alcohol-based perfumes'

Cold pressed other cosmetic products

Cacao oil:

Combines especially well with: Tonka, Coffee, Almond, Hazelnut, Sour cherry, Jasmine, Vanilla, Guaiacwood , Tuberose, Osmanthus, Agarwood, Lily, Musk, Heliotrope absolute

Cacao perfumes:

Chocolate Greedy Montale

Santal Majuscule Serge Lutens

Cuir de Nuit Yves Rocher

Good Girl Carolina Herrera for women

A*Men Pure Havane Mugler for men


Carrot seed:

Carrot seed: Pure oil obtained by steam distillation technique for use in perfumes, carrot seeds are generally used in base notes Musky, Earthy, Animalistic, Dry, sweet-woody, root-like, oily, moist straw, with a slightly spicy odor

'oil that resembles the smell of seeds or wheat kept in a jute fabric sack in the cellar'

Carrot seed perfumes:

Meander Amouage for women and men

Soleil Neige Tom Ford for women and men

Love Potion No. 3 Tiermarq

Codice Uno In The Box for men

Vermeil Bienaimé for women and men


Tonka bean:

The popularity of tonka bean in Middle Eastern arabic fragrances, which forms the basis of many oriental perfumes, lies in its complex, rich, putty-like soft aroma and important longevity properties.

Tonka bean is native to rainforests, common in Central and South America, Costa Rica and Venezuela; They are the seed