A Sacred Wood

Essential oil commonly used as a fragrance ingredient for soap and fine fragrances, guaiacwood oil comes from the palo santo (Bulnesia Sarmientoi) tree.

Part of the Guaiacum genus of trees (Hence the name), The palo santo naturally inhabits the gran chaco area of south america, around the Argentina-Bolivia-Paraguay border.

The tree is an evergreen with lush growth that periodically sprouts tiny blue and white flowers, which then form yellow-orange fruit with a cherry-like appearance. The bark is smooth and thick, while the wood is incredibly hard and fragrant.

The oil from this tree has been used for hundreds of years to provide a range of health benefits to individuals living in this region, and eventually, to individuals around the world. Ultimately, it is the age of the trees that determines the potency of the essential oil’s scent and quality.

Known to be a sacred wood, it was once reserved strictly for use as a form of incense. Relied upon to ward off evil spirits and purify the environment, it has been commercially produced since the late 1890s.

Extraction Method: Steam Distilled

A very popular oil with perfumers because of its depth of exotic aroma and fixative qualities.

Aroma: Creamy, Honey sweet, Balsamic, Resinous, Slightly floral, Warm, Woody, Slightly smoke, Caramelised toffee, Like a blend of benzoin and smoky vanilla, very slightly vague lemony

In other words; A unique melange of creamy, balsamic, woodsy, slightly floral aromas.

Guaiacwood perfumes:

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Bois d'Ebene Matiere Premiere for women and men

Dark Wood Oriflame for men

Palo Santo Carner Barcelona for women and men

Bouquet Ideale Xerjoff for women

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