Wild Paradise Papua

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Gyrinops ledermannii (Thymelaeaceae)

Papua New Guinea is home to the largest tropical rainforest outside of the Congo and Amazon

The eastern border of Indonesia papua, ancient old world and isolated for thousands of years dense vegetation and regions where no human has ever set foot are known to be in the most extreme points.

Each habitat contains a unique blend of the bold and the weird, as Papua's lost world forests support one of the richest and strangest densities of life on our planet.

The existence of some rare oudh trees has been the subject of interesting mysterious stories that have been passed down from generation to generation, starting with this story and supported by legend.

Gyrinops ledermannii Domke, which is shown among the rarest oudh oils in the world, was used by forest natives to make canoes, houses and some life-supporting tools until the last century; Until it was realized that this tree produces resin as a result of wounds, just like the Aquilaria genus, it was considered an ordinary worthless tree.

World of perfumery; After discovering that the Gyrinops ledermannii tree produces resin, there has been a great explosion in the interest and demand for this tree and today it is a tree that is destroyed very quickly due to its economic value and unique fragrant oil.

Gyrinops ledermannii So to speak, it has become a sought-after oudh oil all over the world, as it has absorbed all the scent nuance of the forest into its timber, and has a very rich and full of extraordinary unique aroma. According to some sources, it is the rarest variant of oudh and is the most precious oudh after kinam.

Nowadays in great demand for perfumery for Gyrinops agarwood in Southeast Asia, the Middle East and the United States.

Botanical perfumery:

Green agarwood Gyrinops ledermannii Forget everything you know!

So why does the fragrance obtained from gyrinops agarwood not smell like other agarwood oils; Specific unique components of wallapatta revealed that its resins contained several aroma principles commonly found in other agarwoods. Sesquiterpenes of the guaian and eudesmane skeleton were also present. Due to the highly rich sesquiterpene reactions that green oudh oil contains, there may be differences in the aroma you perceive 1 year after you first smell it. It is one of the rarest oudh oils in the world, which promises a unique magical experience that will surprise you every time, taking on a constantly changing, more beautiful, more refined aroma as the sesquiterpene ratio increases.

However, the reaction of the immune defense system of the Gyrinops tree against the fungus, the tree resin that gives the green agarwood smell, as a result of the researches, a very different variant and other fungi caused by Fusariym oxysporum, Aspergillus niger, Trichoderma viride, Penicillium commune and Lasidiplodia theobromae, including the Phialophora parasitica fungus, infected. It has been explained that the serious odor difference between gyrinops and Aquilaria is directly responsible for its unique smell.

Aroma: Very rich fruity, woody balsamic, uniquely spicy

Description: Very complex starting with powdery deep wood accords, Unique sweetness between minty green apple / guava touches and ocean breeze effects, dried fruit, vaguely wet deep forest accords, sweet camphorous but vetiver touches, courteous incenseous and a little honeyed exotic florals, devoid of animalic; bright, exciting, spicy oudh very rich flavor,


To the extent that it cannot be blended with other oils! very rare and precious oil but of course up to you

Best blends With: Palo santo wood, rose, musk, ambergris, lime, chocolate mint, vanilla, tuberose, osmanthus, leather, caramel, raspberries, and all exotic fruits, in all blends with oceanic and ozonic effects,

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