It is a fragrance specially produced for natural perfumery. After this process, fermentation and aging, the yeast precipitate residues remaining at the bottom of the oak barrels are obtained by steam distillation. It is used in colognes and special formulations! The aged fragrance gives fresh fruity natural notes reminiscent of a fresh grape blend. Contains nuances of richly scented moist greenish sweet fresh grapes with seductive nuances. It is among the precious oils that are rarely used in perfumery in the base notes.

Schizandra Grape

Schisandra Grape "Schisandrachinensis" grows naturally in humid and warm forests in the Far East regions of China, Korea, Japan and Russia. Called the grape-like red magnolia fruit or five-flavored fruit, the Chinese emperor Shen Nong believed that the schisandra plant was a superior herb that maintains health and prolongs life, and this fruit is known as wu-wei-zi, which is sour, sweet, bitter, hot, and salty.

Pure oil obtained so that the natural scent of this fruit can be used in perfumes; Pure supercritical Carbon Dioxide is obtained using the extraction distillation technique.

Fruit aroma: It has an interesting aromatic accords of dried plum, reminiscent of hot gooseberry, which is sweet, spicy, sour, salty and fruity at the same time. It is felt in the top and heart notes in perfumes.

Grapes perfumes:

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