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Butter: Butter essential oil obtained by CO2 distillation for use in perfumes contains volatile aroma components found in natural milk fat.

Widely used in natural perfumery for its ability to add a rich, buttery flavor to blends and accentuate other essential oils.

With its creamy, soft, milky, buttery flavor, it is often used as base notes in perfumes.



Honey: Natural honey scent was first used in perfumes in the Arabian Peninsula, it is generally used in base notes in perfumes. Today, it is obtained by solvent absolute distillation method.

Honey scent with floral and fruit notes is used in many perfumes in synthetic forms.



Bacon: The smell of bacon entering the perfumery is among the unusual perfume notes.

Known for its strange, salty and smoky flavor, bacon was used in the 2010 fragrance "Bacon Classic", which also included notes of Virginia cedar, grapefruit, lemon, orange and black pepper.

Recently, the smell of bacon has started to be used in some products such as many body washes and shower gels.



Caramel is a popular fragrance note that is used quite often in perfumes.

Sugary scent that enriches the formulas of perfumes and blends very well with almost all notes that aim to achieve depth, sweetness and harmony, especially in women's perfumes with a floral weight.

The caramel note is a synthetic note, but is defined as a rich, creamy buttery, burnt sugar, milky lactonic note that expresses delicious feelings.

Caramel perfumes:

Lacoste Pour Femme Intense Lacoste Fragrances for women

Prada Candy Prada for women

A*Men Mugler for me

Les Monstres de Nina Ricci Luna

Dark Angel Victoria's Secret for women



Turkish delight

For perfumes, the scent of Turkish delight is sweet. We can summarize it as a vanilla meeting with syrup and a little rose jam effect.

Turkish delight perfumes:

Abaya Otoori for women

Turkish Leather Pryn Parfum

Anatolia Anatolia Prin

Kayseri Abdul Karim Al Faransi

Anatolia Prin for women and men

Mahrajan Ojar for women and men


Cotton candy:

Women's perfumes to create sweet, sugary, sticky and powder-oriented effects to perfumes.

Cotton candy is also developed by synthesizing the aromatic scent of cotton candy, which is artificially designed in Perfumes, with the ethyl maltol component.

Moreover! Cotton candy is compatible with rose, apple, musk and almost all floral fragrance groups, and can be easily combined with other notes in formulas.

Some perfumes using cotton candy:

Sundazed Byredo

Pink Sugar Aquolina

Vanille Outremer

Sugarful Michel Germain

212 Sexy Carolina Herrera



Popcorn is an interesting perfume note used in perfumes to add smoky crispness and roasted corn to butter-like effect and harmony, often affecting holistic notes.

Some perfumes that use popcorn:

Sky Anna Sui

Tarea Rue21

Siwa Memo Paris

Miss Dior Cherie Dior

Far Away Rebel & Diva Avon



Perfume ingredients

Theobroma cacao

  • Aroma Family: Gourmand

Cocao Absolute distillation is highly recommended for chocolate lovers as the aroma is like that of fine dark chocolate.

The cacao tree is native to the Amazon rainforest.

Also Cocoa beans are technically not beans or legumes, but seeds

Cocoa absolute is extracted from the roasted beans of Theobroma cacao. It has a warm, bittersweet, and earthy aroma with characteristic chocolate notes.

Roasted smoky, sooty sweet/cocoa bitter, powdery, milky, liqueur like : coffee, earthy

For Perfumer:

Cacao absolite; Completely oil soluble 'For attar perfume oil making'

Cocoa Colourless Absolute; Completely Alcohol soluble - Extraction of cocoa with a blend of ethanol and triacetin, with an additional step of molecular distillation 'For alcohol-based perfumes'

Cold pressed other cosmetic products

Cacao oil:

Combines especially well with: Tonka, Coffee, Almond, Hazelnut, Sour cherry, Jasmine, Vanilla, Guaiacwood , Tuberose, Osmanthus, Agarwood, Lily, Musk, Heliotrope absolute


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