Goat Hair

Interesting scent note obtained from the plumage of male goats during their rutting period.

Therefore !

Goat hormonal process; Hair lubrication and odor are most evident in this period.

Goat bristles are used as a natural essence animal fragrance, ethically practiced by natural perfumers by the tincture or cold Enfleurage method.

Goat scent, which contains a dirty sweetness, is also in warm barn musk tones; It is very well combined, especially in mixtures such as rose, jasmine, tuberose and orange, and is generally used to give perfume depth, permanence and warmth. It is a scent that gives great results when blended with other perfume notes.

Goat hair perfumes:

Pan Anya's Garden

Indiiskiy Sandal Rassvet

New Sibet Slumberhouse

Sadness unvisual/parfums

Aran Prin

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