Gingko Biloba

Living fossil Gingko Biloba

The interesting story of the GINGKO BILOBA used in perfumes is a rare tree species that is evaluated only in its own group, as it is a completely unique species, which has no close or similar species existing in botanical science today.

Fossilized leaves that are 270 million years old have been discovered.

Ginkgo biloba pure extract has started to be preferred frequently, especially in aromatherapy, active ingredient use for medicinal drugs, and note-aroma in the cosmetics and now perfume industries.

Homeland is Central and Eastern China. Some trees can live up to 2500 years old.

Known as the only plant species that survived the disaster of the Hiroshima atomic bombing, Gingko Biloba is one of the best examples of living fossil species known today.

Although it is a very newly discovered fragrance for perfumes!

The pure volatiles contained in the tree, the oil in the leaf and fruit part of the tree are obtained by Ultrasonic Water Extraction distillation method; The pure oil has a slightly soft, mossy straw, earthy green scent.

Gingko Biloba Perfumes:

Sunset Yoko Almah Parfums 1948 for women

Fitnessence House of Matriarch for women and men

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