Fragrance Elixir of Namibia

Sweet Incense

Bark Perfume

Complex fragrant oil reminiscent of benzoin, myrrh and styrax-like aroma, rich in cumarine, light vanilla-like, frankincense type scent

Also known by the names of groots kerbos and better known as bushman candle due to the fact that the plant contains so much resin and wax that if you remove it from the ground it will burn like a torch, thus the name bushman candle.

Bushman’s Candle-oil.

Sarcocaulon Mossemedense

Bushman’s Candle is the fallen bark from the desert succulent Sarcocaulon mossamedense, a member of the Geranium, 'Geraniaceae', family found in Namibia desert and Southern Angola where it grows in mainly coastal areas in grit with little water and lots of sun. When a part of the plant dies, the soft interior decomposes over time leaving behind fragrant hollow sleeves of bark.

The bark possesses a unique and enduring, warm notes of amber, caramel, vanilla and incense, sweet balsamic a ambery, resinous exotic, oriental fragrance that is used in incense, cream, attar oil, perfumery oil and body-care products.

Bark in used on its own as an incense material while the tincture and co2 distillation extract of Bushman’s Candle are also used in the creation of perfumes.

Perfumery co2 distillation extract oil

This material is ethically and sustainably collected by a co-op of Himba tribespeople and fairly traded.

The bark, waxy resinous dried material, endures the harsh desert climate for many years maintaining its fragrance, shape and chemical properties, Namibia desert though high temperatures can reach over 55 degrees Centigrade.

Botanical perfumery

Blends well with:

Vanilla, oudh, ambergris, tamarind, jasmine, rose, honey, dates, coconut, massoi bark, cinnamon

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