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Flowers Heart notes


It is often used in perfumes as heart notes, with sweet subtle spice undertones reminiscent of the light rose scent of peony.



Geranium Green, aquatic. A note containing lemony slightly tart, sparkling floral and rose nuances is often used in the middle and top notes, it has very exciting dynamic nuances.


Orange Blossom:

Orange blossom is a very popular note in perfumes. Intense, rich, sweet, fruity, intense, floral, fresh, contains orange nuances. It is often used in perfumes as heart notes.


Broom genet Flower:

Broom genet flower exhibits a profile of honey rose and mysterious fruit nuances, herbaceous tobacco and straw scent. Absolite solvent distilled oil is obtained and used in the heart notes of perfumes.


Magnolia in Perfumes:

To achieve the full effect of Magnolia Essential Oil for perfumes, the delicate flowers must be hastily harvested and distilled at night when the aroma is at its most intense peak.

Magnolia has been identified in prehistoric fossils dating back about 100 million years.

Magnolia There are about 200 species in the world Magnolia belongs to the Magnoliaceae family of species common in the world, which also covers Southern Asia, the Pacific and North America.

The sweet, fruity, lemony, exotic scent of magnolia has a calming and relaxing, yet refreshing aroma. It has a sweet, champagne-like, floral and slightly herbal, slightly citrusy scent nuances.



Mimosa acacia: The yellow flowers of sunny days and their soft, sweet scent are the flowers that we remember as the harbinger of the beginning of spring and with it the feelings of optimism, hope and joy.

It is said that the total amount of pure oil obtained from the mimosa flower, which is mentioned in some sources and produced for perfumes all over the world, is less than 100 kilos of absolute distilled oil.

This is an indication that the pure oil obtained from the mimosa flower, which is a type of Acacia, is very valuable. The scent of mimosa flowers, a member of the acacia family, has sugary undertones and light honey nuances reminiscent of sweet, soft and hazy false vanilla. It is often used for heart notes in perfumes.

Other species Acaciadecurrens var yeva synonym Acaciadealbata If the resulting solvent is the smell of absolute pure oil; It has soft, sweet, powdery, honey-like, deep floral, slightly green and woody nuances.

It is obtained by solvent absolute distillation from the fresh flowers of Acacia Dealbata, a small evergreen tree native to Australia, and grows wild in countries such as Italy, India, Morocco, and France in northern and central Africa.

Some perfumes using mimosa:

Fleur de Portofino Acqua Tom Ford

Terre de Lumiere Edition

Haiku Reflection Avon

Idôle L'Intense Lancome

Perceive Soul Avon



Cotton used in synthetic forms in perfumes can be shown among the interesting scents defined as the fantasy note, and it is often designed to give a Fluffy, Soft, powdery, comfortable, clean laundry effect and combined with other notes, and is often used in women's perfume formulations.

Cotton blends well with notes such as peony, linen, musk, ozone in perfumes.

Some perfumes using cotton:

Encanto Delicadeza FloFleur de Coton

Unic for women and menr de Algodão Avon

Sheer Love Eau de Toilette Victoria's Secret

Aqva Pour Homme Bvlgari for men

Un Chant D’Amour Prada


Fragrant Yellow Clover Flower:

Its other name is Yellow Stone Clover. It grows naturally in a wide area from Western Europe to East Turkestan.

In perfumes; In order to be used, fragrant pure oil is obtained by solvent absolute distillation technique. Since fragrant yellow clover contains a high rate of coumarin, it had a very fragrant oil with tobacco, tonka and liatrix, cocoa and sugary caramel aroma accords.


Nigella Flower:

Nigella damascena

This flower with blue flowers and feathery leaves is common in northern Africa and southern Europe. Although it looks like an unpretentious flower! The fragrance obtained for the perfume is of immense beauty.

A rare fragrance famous for its delightfully rich aromas rarely encountered in natural perfumery materials, with captivating fresh notes of grape, strawberry and peach and undertones of lilac, floral honey, boiled apple and musk. For use in perfumery, its pure oil is obtained by solvent absolute distillation and is often used in heart notes.



Liatris flower is a perennial herb that grows naturally in North America and Mexico.

Also known as wild vanilla, this floral pure oil obtained by solvent absolute distillation method, which is used in high quality perfumes, has an aroma very similar to vanilla and tonka bean. It has an odor. In perfumes, it is often felt in the heart notes.


Bulgarian Geranium:

Geranium macrorrhizum

The pure oil of this flower, which is also known as the Big Rooted Cranebeak flower, can be crystallized at room temperature, just like rose oil, for perfumes, as well as the Bulgarian geranium oil, which is used in skin care therapies and creams, into sweet and woody green clean clear accords with rose and spice tones. has.

It is often used in perfumes for heart notes.


Canadian Goldenrod Grass:

Solidago canadensis

Canadian Goldenrod is a plant used in perfumery, creams and ointments, and steam distillation technique is used to obtain its pure fragrant oil. It is mainly found in North America in open areas such as grasslands, grasslands, savannas and mountains, although some species are also known to grow in Europe.

Pure oil obtained from Canadian Goldenrod herb by steam distillation is a fragrant oil with all its aspects, as it contains ester, monoterpene and sesquiterpene, alpha-pinene, detoxification components and useful chemical components, as well as providing antioxidant and antibacterial benefits, but it is the typical floral oil you expect from oils made from flowers. It has an odorless odor.

Used as an interesting, fresh and warm woody top note in perfumes. The oil can be described as slightly earthy, grassy and bittersweet. The pure oil obtained only from its leaves, on the other hand, has licorice-like undertones that resemble a bit of fennel.


Tiare Flower:

Tiare flower, also known as Tahitian gardenia, has very complex Hypnotic, intense sweet exotic floral fruity spicy amber vanilla-like undertones.



Camellia Lutchuensis . Camellia Sasanquas .Camellia Japonica

Camellia flower is normally odorless flower.

There are thought to be around 250 species in the world. Camellias are described as a very popular winter and spring blooming shrub that offers a splash of color at a time when very few flowers bloom. The oil, obtained by pressing the seeds of the camellia flower, is used for cooking in Southern China, while it is also a sweet spice and a very popular product in skin care and cosmetic products.

Camellia Lutchuensis

Hybrid scented variants produced for use in perfumes are also available in some exceptional species of camellia flower.

  • Camellia Lutchuensis: It is the most intensely scented type. In the early 1960s, flower growers hybridized it with some species to make it a fragrant flower, which suited our senses for use in colors and perfumes, resulting in scented varieties.

  • Camellia Sasanquas: Some fragrance and blooms (single and double flowers) in autumn. Unfortunately, the flowers only last a few days and are of the fragrant camellia species.

  • Camellia Japonica: Fragrant species.

Some perfumes with notes of camellia:

Hana Tsubaki Shiseido for women and men

Eau de Fleur de Camelia Kenzo for women

Camelia Superieur Shiseido for women

Tommy Girl Tommy Hilfiger for women

Plum Japonais Tom Ford for women

Urban Flowers Paris Avon for women

The rarest flower in the world:


It is an extinct species of camellia, which is native to China and was taken from China about 200 centuries ago and taken to other countries.

Contrary to its name, this camellia species has a rose-like pink color, not red. However, it was only after more than 10 years of research in 1999 that botanists identified the species of this camellia flower.

As of now, the Gardens Trust, English Heritage and Chiswick House have cited the £12.1 million camellia collection as the most valuable and expensive collection.



It is a scent note specially produced from fragrant tulips for perfumes.

Contrary to popular belief, some types of tulips are very strong and fragrant, and pure fragrant oil is obtained by precision distillation techniques Absolite and Enfleurage.

Tulipa turkestanica: (creamy white), Tulipa tarda (white with yellow), Tulipa urumiensis: (yellow) and Tulipa whittallii: (bronze orange) have a refined, spicy scent.

Monte Carlo: (yellow) Blooms in early April and is honey-scented.

Prinses Irene: (orange) and Yokohama (yellow) also bloom in early April and have a spicy scent.

Ad Rem: (orange), Apeldoorn: (red) and Golden Apeldoorn: (yellow) Blooms in April and has a sweet, heavy scent.

Angélique: (creamy white with pink) Blooms in May and has a subtle, fresh and sweet fragrance.

Orange Princess: To the scent of honey blooming in May (orange) "

Tulipa 'Verona': has a lemony scent and a majestic, peony-like scent.

Apricot beauty: it can make an entire room smell like perfume.

Some perfumes used in tulips:

La Tulipe Byredo

Incandessence Avon

Carat Cartier

Black Tulip Atelier Bloem

Lumen Parallax Olfactory



Chamomile For perfumes, chamomile oil, which is generally obtained by steam distillation technique, is used in the heart notes. It is an aromatic fresh herbaceous, rich warm scented flower with green spicy nuances.


Elephant Flower:

Elephant flower Gardenia has a sweet rich floral aroma reminiscent of a mixture of honeysuckle and orange blossom. For perfumes, absolute is obtained by solvent or steam distillation and used for heart notes.


Poppy Flower:

The poppy flower exhibits a floral fragrance profile reminiscent of light chocolate, and is often used in perfumes as the top and heart notes.


Ginger Lily:

Ginger lily is fruity, intensely spicy, floral with ginger tones, a sweet tropical floral bouquet nuances. It is often used for heart notes in perfumes.



Tagetes flower It has a strong, warm, sweet herbaceous, distinctive ketonic pungent aroma with a very strong fruity green hue, reminiscent of a green apple. It is generally used in perfumes for its heart and top notes.


Chocolate Flower:

Chocolate flower, with its dark sweet chocolate scent, is a type of flower called "chocolate" with its bush-like structure and scent.

The chocolate flower, which grows in the high altitude regions of Russia, is called "Kito" by the local people.

It is often used for heart notes in perfumes.

Some perfumes using chocolate flower:

Avon soft musk delice fleur de chocolate

Viktoria's secret velvet petals noir



Freesia is often used as the heart point in perfumes. Synthetically redesigned to give fragrances shine and freshness, it has intense refreshing and peppery nuances with green nuances.

Natural freesia flower is very difficult to distill.



Clove flower exhibits an odor profile reminiscent of vaguely acrid spicy, earthy herb, honey nuances, deep floral, slightly bud spice Clove.

It is often used as heart notes in perfumes.



Calendula flower, sweet herbaceous licorice-like musk used in perfumes. It is obtained by steam distillation or absolute solvent distillation with its undertone nuances and used in heart notes.



Purple Japanese Visteria Purple flowered Japanese Wisteria floribunda, native to Japan, is a legume vine. For perfumes, pure oil is obtained by solvent absolute distillation method and used in heart notes.

The blend of Lilac and Clove exhibits a spicy floral fragrance profile.

Oriflame Volare Wisteria


Lawsonia: Henna flower

Henna flower is obtained by hydro distillation process. It is known as the Flower of Paradise in some Asian countries due to its sweet and exotic aroma. It is often used for heart notes in perfumes.



Kewra flower: Pure oil is obtained from Kewra flowers by hydro distillation, solvent absolute process. The Kewra tree is botanically known as Pandanus Odoratissimus.

This plant is native to southern Asia, from southern India east to Taiwan and the Ryukyu Islands south of Japan. It is a shrub with very fragrant flowers belonging to the Pandanaceae family. It also goes by the name Kewra/Kewda/Keora.

It is widely used in the food industry, in the production of exotic perfumes, deodorants, scented candles, incense sticks and aromatic products in the perfumery industry.

Although the pure oil obtained is colorless and described by expert perfumers as a scent reminiscent of a rich fruity rose, it is more exotic floral and even a little lily-like sweet, like a combination of deep and delicious flowers, the exploding flower bouquets meet the hypnotizing beauty.

kewra çiçeği

The Kewra tree produces spikes of 30-40 flowers, each weighing about 6 inches.

In perfumes; Only male flowers are used and distilled to obtain fragrant pure oil. Male and female kewra flowers grow on different trees. Female kewra flowers have no odor and are therefore left in their natural state as they are about to turn into fruit.

kewra meyvesi



White, Pink, Blue Lotus In Buddhism, the lotus flower represents purity, loyalty and spiritual awakening.

It is grown in large stagnant ponds and basins for perfumes, which are considered very valuable in the perfume industry. Green Aquatic has undertones that vary depending on the process and the type of flower, containing more spice accords resembling deep sweet spice-like floral or intense mysterious sugar cinnamon.

It is often used for heart notes in perfumes. Since the flower petals contain very little oil, it is difficult and arduous to obtain pure lotus flower oil.

Approximately 75,000-100,000 lotus flowers are required to obtain 1 kilo of absolute oil pure oil.



Hydrangea has fresh floral nuances with clean, woody undertones. It is often used for heart notes in perfumes.



Heliotropium It contains many complex scents such as the enchanting cherry flower, powdery and cotton candy, almond butter aroma and soft vanilla accords such as dried vanilla. It is also known as false vanilla flower among the people.

Because steam distillation of the sun flower is not possible! In the past, flowers were dipped in coconut oil with Enfleurage distillation and the scent of the flower was transferred to coconut oil, and then pure flower oil and coconut oil were separated to obtain pure oil.

Today, pure oil is obtained with solvent absolute distillation. It is often used as heart notes in perfumes. It is also very suitable for use as a pure perfume oil alone.


Cherry Blossom:

Cherry blossom Sakura cherry blossoms, which are the symbol of beauty and aesthetics in Japanese culture, have a very sweet, strong scent, a unique aroma that alternates between tart, cherry, deep floral flowers and fruits. They are generally used in the heart notes of perfumes.



This flower with a charming gardenia fragrance has a clear velvety, Hypnotic floral fragrance profile with light fruit tones. It is often used for heart notes in perfumes. Generally, absolute solvent and Enfleurage distilled pure oil are obtained.



The great hyssop is a common herb from the Mediterranean to the Balkan regions. It has earthy, woody and warm spicy herbaceous undertones. Its pure oil is obtained by steam distillation and is used in perfumes as top / heart notes.



Delonix tree flower is obtained from the flowering plant belonging to the Fabaceae family and also known by the botanical name Delonix regia. Its homeland is Madagascar, but it also grows in other countries including Malaysia, India and the northern parts of Australia.

These beautiful flowers are obtained by the extensive Hydro-Distillation method. The firewood flower has a very strong, floral and pleasant aroma. It has nuances reminiscent of spicy floral and very deep rose scent. It is a very rare flower and is often used as heart notes in perfumes.


Pomegranate flower:

Narçiçeği oldukça keskin, karanlık yoğun ve tatlı meyve notları olan narçiçeği parfümlerde genellikle kalp notalarında kullanılır.



Osmanthus, a member of the olive family of this flower, which is native to Asian countries, is known as the flower with the most intense fruit nuances.

It contains very sweet, warm, nectarine fruit aroma tones with a slightly moldy opening. The osmanthus flower scent is used only in quality perfumes.



Hyacinth is mostly used in high-class perfumes. It has a sweet, deep intense Floral Hypnotic strikingly beautiful scent. It is often used for heart notes in perfumes.

With the old traditional methods Enfleurage, only 1 liter of pure oil is obtained from 6000 kilograms of Hyacinths.


Mango Blossom:

Mango flower is a very sweet exotic floral fragrance with fruity nuances reminiscent of the scent of Muguet flower. It is often used for heart notes in perfumes.


Black Locust

Known for its slightly sugary, sweet, soft, floral fresh scent with honey nuances, Akasya, the herald of the spring months, is a rare scent used in perfumes.

It is often used as heart notes in perfumes.

Sensi Giorgio Armani for women

BLV Bvlgari for women

Acacia L'Erbolario for women

Dushistaya Akaciya Dilis Parfum for women

Tommy Girl Summer 2010 Tommy Hilfiger



Honeysuckle is a very fragrant flower with almost fruity honey undertones, sweet floral notes similar to jasmine, it is often used in the heart notes. In perfumes,

Vanilla Jasmine goes well with lilac.



Wallflower, which has a beautiful floral, slightly herbaceous aroma, is often used in heart notes in perfumes.



Lilac Solvent is obtained by absolute distillation method and it takes 100,000 Lilac flowers to extract 1 kg of oil.

Intimate floral fragrance of clean, Luminous sweet soft heady beauty with nuances of freshness like Honey Pollen, Jasmine. . It is often used for heart notes in perfumes.



Ihlamur çiçeği ılık, Tatlı, derin floral, polen bal ve hafif narenciye benzeri bir nüansları vardır. Parfümlerde genellikle kalp notalarında kullanılır.


Lily of the valley:

Has green floral nuances with a clean and bright profile, often used in perfumes for heart notes and used in synthetic forms as it is almost impossible to distill

In the perfume industry, lily-of-the-valley is used in many perfumes. Contrary to popular belief, the natural scent of this flower has still not been obtained after many years of distillation!

Even solvent distillation and more modern Sco2 distillation methods have been tried for this, resulting in a very small amount of unsuccessful fragrance yield, which does not reflect the full unpleasant character of this flower instead of the intense exotic scent of this flower!

So what is it that makes it impossible to naturally distil this flower?

Of course, the natural structure of the flower! The feature that distinguishes the pearl flower from other flowers can be briefly summarized as the reaction of the precursor chemical ingredients, in which the fragrance is formed directly in the air, in other words, the fragrance molecules smell good in the air after they leave the flower.

For this reason, natural lily-of-the-valley cannot be used in any perfume in the world, only synthesis versions are used, and scientific studies and experiments are still continuing about the natural Lily of the valley.



Bromelia warm spicy, woody and camphor cineole nuances In Perfumes It is often used for heart and base notes.



Boronia is a flower used in the cosmetics industry with about 160 species. It is often used in heart notes in perfumes. It has fragrant grassy undertones.


Amber Tree Sweet Acacia:

The oil obtained by solvent distillation from a flower, also known as Amber tree Sweet Acacia, is used in the cosmetics industry and in the heart notes of perfumes. It is an aromatic soft warm woody floral fragrance like powdery balsamic, honey nuances floral bouquet.



The iris flower, which is generally used in the heart points of perfumes, has its own floral dark, slightly green nuances. Its production is usually distilled after 1 year of getting rid of the bulb/flower part of the flower.



Hibiscus is a flower with green-toned floral nuances and is used in synthetic forms in perfumes. It is generally used in heart notes.



Violet Approximately 1000 kg of violet is required for 1 kg of pure distilled Violet oil. Since natural violet scented oil is obtained in very small quantities, it is often used in synthetic forms in perfumes.

It has natural violet scent, freshly crushed plant nuances, green floral, earthy, leafy, clear floral nuances. It is often used for heart notes in perfumes.


Buckwheat Flower:

Buckwheat Flower Seagull Flower Honey, which is widely grown in Anatolia, has a very strong aroma and has intense sweet deep nuances. It is used in perfumes in synthetic forms and for heart notes.


Wild Cinnamon Flower:

The wild cinnamon flower grows in the Amazon and Ecuador and has a Spicy, Fruity, Smooth, Cinnamon Sugar-like aroma.

It is often used for heart notes in perfumes.



Orchid It is obtained naturally from only some fragrant Orchid species by solvent distillation method.

Often: Orchid used in synthetic forms! Natural Orchid scent is used only in luxury perfumes. Orchid, with its sweet, velvety scent and abundant fruit undertones, is widely cultivated in countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand.



Narcissus Sweet, soft. Smooth, aquatic, hypnotizing fragrance with luminous floral green nuances. Narcissus oil is generally obtained by Enfleurage or solvent absolute distillation method. It is considered a very valuable fragrance and is often used as heart notes in perfumes.

1 kg of pure oil is obtained from 1596 kg of narcissus flowers by absolute distillation.



Aglaia flower is a tree species that grows mainly in Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Myanmar, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam and Laos. The flowers that bloom in the season are carefully collected and pure oil is obtained by the Solvent Absolite distillation method.

The scent of this flower, which has a very precious and rare oil, is used in expensive perfumes and cosmetics. It exhibits a dominant floral, fruity, sweet, spicy and greenish tea-like fragrance profile.

It is used for heart notes in perfumes. It is also called Chinese rice flower due to its rather small flowers.


Olive Blossom:

Olive flower is a very rare fragrance used in perfumes. It has intense floral undertones, sweet light green olive nuances, often used in heart spots. It is often used in synthetic forms in perfumes.



Ylang-ylang is grown in Far East Asian countries. Ylang-ylang flowers are very popular in the Philippines and are almost the official flower of the country.

It is a sweet, exotic, dark, highly fragrant flower with vaguely fruity undertones, reminiscent of jasmine. It is often used for heart notes in perfumes. It blends well with Jasmine, Champaca, rose in the perfume blend. Ylang-ylang is usually obtained by steam distillation.

Ylang-ylang flower full procedure essential oil is obtained by steam distillation of the flowers. The distillation process is a very long process that takes about 10 hours and the pure oil yield is around 2%.



Bakul flower is derived from the sacred tree of India, the bakula. Commonly grown on the west coast of India, it has an intoxicating, exotic floral aroma. Bakul flower symbolizes love and devotion/eternity in Hindus.

Bakul star-shaped Bakul flowers are pure oil by absolute distillation. It is often used for heart notes in perfumes.



Frangipani tropical flower This flower, which adorns luxury perfumes, has been shown among the top 10 most fragrant flowers in the world.

Usually grown in Mexico, Far East and Asian countries, it has sweet, refreshing aquatic deep floral feminine nuances resembling a mixture of daffodils and roses.

It even has musky unique spice, tart fruit tones with undertones depending on the distillation process / frangipani species it sees. It is generally used in middle notes in perfumes and gives good results with rose, gardenia, tuberose, jasmine, ylang-ylang, hyacinth and narcissus.

Frangipani flower Hydro distilled & Co2 distilled fresh flower petals (plumeriaobtusa and rubra) 0.016% and 0.037% pure oil is obtained and 120 kg flower pure oil is obtained with 100 ml oil absolute solvent distilled.


The Queen of the Night:

Kadapul Flower is a very delicate and rare flower that you will probably never be able to smell its true scent in your life. There is no clear information about its true essence until now.

For this reason, although it is stated that it is used in perfumes, its oil, which is completely synthesized, is used in perfumes! Otherwise, if it was possible to distill it, it is considered to be a flower type that is likely to be the most precious and expensive perfume in the world. "Even 1 ml would probably cost thousands of dollars. And it is also known as the Princess of the Night or the Queen of the Night.

Flowering typically takes place between sunset and midnight, and it takes at least an hour to three hours for all the leaves to appear, and very soon the flowers die at dawn. It blooms the size of a newborn baby's head and has trumpet-shaped flowers with creamy-white, waxy petals.

It amazes with its beauty with its intoxicating scent wave resembling magnolia or gardenia. It is a type of cactus that blooms between July and October.

The Queen of the Night is only found in deserts, the Southwestern United States, Central and South America, and the Antilles. Events for this flower are organized by Local rights to observe the flower blooming at night.

Although pollination occurs with the help of its sweet, intense smell and pollen that attracts the hawk moth, it is thought that other insect and bat species also play an important role. In the list of the main perfumes used as synthesis.



Lavender has very hard pointed piercing fragrant flowers. Herbal contains beautiful nuances reminiscent of wood in light strawy herbaceous clear and undertones of dry purple flowers. An average of 2 liters of pure lavender oil is obtained by steam distillation from 100 kg of real lavender, this rate is much higher than hybrid lavender.



The oil obtained by steam distillation of these flower roots, which is common in the Far East, is used in perfumes. With its fresh, herbaceous, spicy scent, it is generally used for base and heart notes.



Rhododendron anthopogon

They are native to temperate regions of Asia, North America, and Europe, as well as tropical regions of Southeast Asia and northern Australia.

It is known that there are more than 850 species in the Rhododendron Genus, and the only Rhododendron anthopogon species is distilled because it is non-toxic.

This species, which grows in the foothills of Nepal Himayala, is collected with care and distilled by steam and Hydro to obtain its pure oil for use in perfumery. Rhododendron, which has a sweet, herbal, fruity aromatic scent, is generally used in the heart notes.

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