Flint Stone:

Flint Stone:

The fragrance note of flint, which was synthesized in the perfume laboratories of recent years, is smoky, a bit like gunpowder, but also has metallic nuances and is a dusty rich mineral smell with a holistic roasted burnt earth and a little rusty iron effect and a little dry feeling, which is formed during the friction of some chemicals in the stone due to overheating.

Flint stone smell so to speak; It bears almost exactly the same resemblance to the odor formed as a result of the chemical interaction that occurs during the cutting of marble with the cutting machines of marbles that rotate very quickly in constructions.

Some perfumes using flint:

Terre d'Hermes Parfum Hermès

Moon Dust MiN New York

Terre d'Hermes Flacon H 2016

Limanakia 27 Pierre Guillaume Paris

Gold Rush Richard

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