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Ancient Egypt in Perfumes

Nefertem, the god of perfume, is identified with the fragrant blue lotus flower.

Nefertem was also regarded as the god of healing because the fragrant essential oils used in perfumes were also used in modern medicine of the age.

The Egyptians have a history of exotic perfumes, a combination of various spices, resins, and flowers that determine one's degree of status and define specific periods in Egyptian history.

Perfumes were seen not only as fragrances but also as an indication of the existence of various deities they believed in.

Before the invention of alcohol, the Egyptians started to produce perfumes. Instead of alcohol, which has a carrier feature, base fats and oils, linseed oil, castor oil, sesame oil and moringa oil, natural oils with diluting and carrier properties such as beeswax, and almond and oil to increase the sharpness and quality of perfumes. Olive oil extracts have also been used.

Perfumes in Egypt:

Mendesian: This perfume was a mixture of myrrh and senna with the addition of gums and resins that made it smell extremely wonderful.

Susinum: This wonderful Egyptian perfume was great for lily lovers. It was made with lily and myrrh and cinnamon.

Cyprinum: This expensive perfume is made from henna and southern wood with a pinch of cardamom and cinnamon. This perfume made people smell great and was very popular in ancient Egypt.

Rhondinium: This perfume was based on the pleasant scent of roses and was considered a love perfume in ancient Egypt.

Kyphi incense: This fragrance, which is too costly and expensive for ordinary people to use, was used only as incense burned for their gods in temples.

Ancient egypt! Although the recipe for the incense called kyphi used varied from temple to temple, each recipe contained 16 ingredients, including myrrh, copperwort, wine, honey, raisins, saffron, cardamom, resins, and juniper.

Kyphi According to their beliefs, they were burned every night as they embarked on their journey to the underworld to please the gods, and the next morning to bring the sun-god Ra back.

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