Earth And Perfume

Earth And Perfume.

smell of earth after rain.

How to smell after rain:

After a dry barren summer heat! In some dry periods allegedly raindrops falling on the scorched earth with thirst! Actinobacteria, as a result of the reaction, in which the oil secreted by plants is absorbed by clay-based soils and rocks, this cycle is a metabolite secreted by the microorganism by-product of the process, which is considered chemically together with germacranoid sesquiterpene or trans-1,10-dimenthyl-trans 9-decalol, and the chemical feature that affects the smell in the air is revealed. The incredible earthy odor emitted by the 'microorganism' is thought to contribute even to the electrification of lightning in the atmosphere with ozone. Geosmin soil odor also contributes to nature by encouraging sporulation in places including its moisture. Even camels can detect the smell of water oases from great distances by following the traces of this fragrant metabolite in the desert.

The moist, earthy flavor of beets is associated with geosmin.

Geosmin: The scent of Geosmin is defined as an earthy, moldy straw, refreshing scent that spreads after rain falls on dry soils.

The human nose can only sense a fraction of the trillions of geosmin interactions in water. The characteristic smell of the soil was first investigated by Berthelot in 1891, and what this compound is and the structure of geosmin was determined by Gerber in 1965, and then until 1981, experiments were made for the biosynthesis of this compound and geosmin was obtained by separating it in various ways. It was formulated by famous perfume companies and widely used geosmin.

Another method is earthen Indian cooked river earth/white clay, a scented oil obtained from natural soil traditionally obtained by some complex method.

The clay is removed from the topsoil and baked in an oven, then immersed in water in copper cauldrons and the sandalwood-based procedure is then covered with clay soil and sealed.

Traditionally a cow dung fire is lit in the hearth and the steam condenses above the oil base with the help of receivers to form the fragrance and the steam passes through bamboo pipes.

This process is called conventional hydro distillation. This process is also the most natural form of the earthy smell that comes out after the rain. It is a very rare scent, which contains earthy, slightly moist, mineral and humid plant roots, a little moldy straw nuas, and is generally used in the middle and base notes of perfumes. Alternatively, perfume companies can use it in synthetic forms under the name of geosmin. used.

Also It blends very well with jasmine, musk, oudh, rose in perfumes.

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