Dragon Blood

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Great and deep amazon

Dragon Blood contains a pure resin from the Croton lechleri ​​tree , which is called Dragon Blood (Sangre de Drago). Croton lechleri ​​is a tree growing in South America in the Andes and also in the tropical forests of the upper Amazon. Sangre is obtained by cutting the bark of a tree. A thick dark red resin flows out from the bark. It looks like the tree is bleeding. Dragon Blood Resin is imported from Equator-Peru, where it is collected by indigenous Indian collectors in the rainforests.

Croton lechleri

Extraction: Steam distillation and Molecular distillation 'Double procedure'

Croton lechleri L., in the family Euphorbiaceae, is a medicinal plant species used widely by multiple ethnolinguistic groups in the western Amazon basin to treat a variety of ailments.

Harvested by the natives mostly in the equatorial part of the tropical amazon rainforest, this mysterious fragrant resin has become one of the newly discovered species in the perfume world and has given very successful results.

Latin America, it is widely used as incense in Pagan rituals for different purposes such as talisman, exorcism and magic, amulet, mummification. It has been used as a root dye in fabrics and also because of its red pigments.

Botanical perfumery

To be used in perfumery; It is necessary to remove some unwanted components in it by molecular distillation method, So it needs a second distillation special procedure 'Rectified'

This is a pure therapeutic-quality aromatherapy essential oil produced using wild-crafted plants and traditional methods from Equator, Peru, and is obtained from the resin.

The oil is dark red in colour and has a deep, sweet but slightly, woody scent with animal accords containing bourbon vanilla, warm liquid sugar burn, salty/metallic blood, sweet balsamic, musky nuances.

Blends Well With: Jasmine, Musk, Vanilla, Resinous notes, Agarwood, Sandalwood, Birch tar, Caramel, Black tea. cedarwood, Black Spruce, Hay, Fig, Grape, Leather,

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