Cupuacu: Theobroma grandiflorum is a tropical fruit found in the Amazon forest basin and Central and South America. It is used in areas such as food ice cream, as well as in rare and expensive perfumes.

Cupuacu fruit is also known as one of the most expensive edible tropical fruits in the world.

The cupuacu fruit is closely related to cocoa.

The outer shell of the fruit has a fragrant aroma reminiscent of a mixture of chocolate and pineapple.

The inner parts of the fruit have the aroma of juicy pear and green banana.

Blends Well With:

Rose, coffe, karo karounde, bitter almont, mitti, all musk types, all fruits, vanilla, agarwood, milk, goat hair, butter, heliotrope, coffea

Cupuacu perfumes:

au Caramel Kyse Perfumes

Le Charmant Absolu Charme Essência

Egeo Cherry Blast O Boticário

Frescor Flor de Cupuaçú Natura

Be Trendy Extreme Dzintars

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