Coral and Night jasmine

This flowers commonly called jasmine but actually not jasmine species!

Coral Jasmine / Harshingar / Parijat (Nyctanthes arbor-tristis)

Bangladesh and West Bengal, and is frequently used in the rituals of Hindu temples for its majestic appearance. Harsingar, also known as, parijat or night-blooming jasmine is a flowering plant of high ornamental and medicinal value. The soothing and calming fragrance that the white flowers have is loved and cherished by people. According to Indian mythology, Harshingar is a tree from heaven. This tree blooms only at night and sheds all its flowers in the morning. In fact, the botanical name of harsingar also translates to “tree of sorrow”. The flowers are highly fragrant and bloom in the dusk and fall off at dawn.

Coral Jasmine / Harshingar (Nyctanthes arbor-tristis)

Botanical perfumery:

  • Odour: Fresh, floral, soft-green, sweet-herbaceous odour

Coral jasmine: It is famous for its slightly green aquatic exciting sweet scent which is much fresher than other jasmine types Also unlike typical jasmine species; devoid of animal nuances

The sparkling clear scent of coral jasmine is ideal for sports perfumes appealing to young people in general, and its pure oil obtained for perfumes by co2 or hydro distillation is a specific and endemic jasmine species.

In perfumes, coral jasmine is frequently used in the notes containing other flower types and fruit accords in the part called the heart note.

Coral jasmine perfumes:

Coral Jasmine Bengal Moon

All Naturals Harshingar aka Parijaat aka

Gucci Memoire d'une Odeur

KAZIMA Har Sringar Perfume For Unisex

Aranyams parijat perfume

Blends Well with:

Lemon, orange, jasmine, tobacco, rose, musk, Night Blooming Jasmine, lily, tamarind, brazilian rosewood, Guaiac wood,


Night Queen Jasmine (Cestrum Nocturnum)

Cestrum Nocturnum is a plant, also known as the Night Queen boomer which appears to be like a saint dressed in white and belongs to Solanaceae family.

Botanical perfumery:

This flower, which has a very strong scent, is also called night jasmine because it blooms at night. It is often used for heart notes in perfumes. It is a sharp, Heavy but limpid, very strong, very spicy undertones, floral, sweet, green but camphor-free nuances,

Blends Well with:

Lime, jasmine, tobacco, rose, musk, coral jasmine, carob, dewberry, grapes, geranium, raspberry blossom, sumac

Night Blooming Jasmine perfumes:

Flowerbomb Midnight Viktor&Rolf for women

Mātangi Parfums Karmic Hues for women and men

Extatic Tiger Orchid Pierre Balmain for women

Arabian Desert Alfred Dunhill for men

Fils de Joie Serge Lutens for women and men

Night Queen Jasmine (Cestrum Nocturnum)

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