Coffee Blossom

Coffea robusta

Coffee blossom extract oil; That we can call one of the rarest scents in the world in the Botanical Perfumery palette.

Coffee Blossom absolute is the kind of oil that natural perfumers nerd out on with the vanilla and sharp arabica notes it provides.

It is extracted from the delicate white flowers of Madagascar wild coffee trees with a pure precious oil, obtained by absolute distillation, with a captivating and irresistible fragrance.

Absolute solvent extraction oil

AROMA: The oil obtained from this flower, which has a very rich deep aroma, contains very exotic oriental spice tones, and dark chocolate, honeyed vanilla with a soft velvety espresso cooked almost,

A favorite in perfumery, surprisingly sweet, energizing and complex

Botanical Perfumery:

Like a magic flower potions! gives a spirit and depth effect to perfumes.

Roasted coffee beans blended with dark vanilla nuansces revealed with an intense floral bouquet explosion formed by citrus fruits with sweet white flowers. It has an intoxicating hypnotic fragrance that combines sophisticated fruit, spice, flower and gourmet scents.

Best blends with: Cacao absolute, Coconut co2, Jasmine absolute, Agarwood, Musk, Ambergris, Amber, Tropical fruits natural isolates, Coffee beans co2, Porcini absolute, Vetiver soul khus green, Vanilla co2, Tonka beans absolute, Mitti attar and all earthy notes , Melon natural isolates, Guaiacwood, Tobacco absolute, saffron absolute.

Perfumes using coffee flower:

Mountain Blossom Fleur de Cafe for women

Les Fleurs Moonlight Dusk Nouveau Paris Perfume for women

Havana (Coffee Flower) Artemisia Natural Perfume for women and men

Ethan Dolan Signature Scent Wakeheart for women and men

FRANCIS BLACK Filigree & Shadow for women and men

L'Attouchement Anna Zworykina Perfumes for women and men

Trussardi Inside Delight Trussardi for women

Citizen Jack Michael Malul London for men

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