Cashmir also known as musk indanon or Indomuscone!

Discovered by John Hall in the 1970s, it was a study concerned with investigating inexpensive chemical transformations from compounds from pentamethyl indane and tetramethyl naphthalene structures. As a result, Cashmir, an unsaturated ketone, was identified as an important new fragrance component.

Cashmir: also known as Cashmir, is a synthetic material also known as Cashmere, a musk-woody component popular in modern composition.

Although Cashmir has woody-musk notes, its scent is quite complex and is designed to give a rich, spicy, fruity, chypre, balsamic and vanilla-like soft and sensual feel.

Although cashmere is defined by some as a polycyclic musk class !

In fact, since there is no aromatic benzene chain found in musks due to its structure! It is not correct to classify cashmeran as polycyclic musk.

some perfumes that use cashmere:

Cashmere Vanilla Jasmine Victoria's Secret

Elite Gentleman Untailored Avon

Cool Water Sea Rose Summer Seas Davidoff

Black Opium Yves Saint Laurent for women

Alien Eau de Parfum Neon Edition Mugler

Hot! Fragrances Blue Ulric de Varens for men



Givaundan company In 2011 after researching many species, akigalawood is a lab-created perfume note born from biochemistry by fermentation.

Givaudan, a Swiss international fragrance and active cosmetic ingredient manufacturer, created this revolutionary ingredient, obtained by special processing in patchouli extract enzymes.

Givaudan is highly specialized in the production of perfumes and aromas and has published a book called "Givaudan, the adventure of aromas and perfumes", which explains all his knowledge and many discoveries.

For 250 years, Givaudan has been pursuing innovations and inventions and succeeding in catching new fragrance trends.

Akigalawood Fragrance character; It is an organic molecule that resembles patchouli with a pinch of pepper and mild agarwood wood.

Perfumes using Akigalawood:

Cologne Run Free Mugler

Explorer Montblanc for men

Fougère d’Argent Tom Ford

Miu Miu Fleur D'Argent Holiday Edition

Fun Azzaro for women and men



Ozone: Emphasizes clean, fresh-smelling, pungent sea-ocean air or an electrically charged, atmospheric, refreshing, clean laundry-like cool aroma that emerges moments before a rainstorm.

Last century as a result of many years of hard work in order to achieve successful and impossible to distill scents; The only known ozone smell on earth is the only natural ozone smell, which is separated from the atmosphere ozone gas with the latest technology and thousands of stronger intense odors have been obtained.

Some perfumes that use ozone:

11 11 Lake & Skye

Baie 19 Le Labo

Dark Ride Xyrena

Coach Blue Coach for men

Enchanted Air Corps Volatils


Geosmin: Earth And Perfume.

Smell of earth after rain.

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