Cascarilla Bark

Grows in Central and South America, but is actually among the tropical species native to the Caribbean, rarely reaching 6 meters tall as a dwarf shrub.

Croton eluteria

Its use in the perfume and cosmetics industry has just been discovered.

Croton eluteria

The characteristic smell of essential oil by steam distillation from the bark of the tree; It has a strong, spicy, peppery, slightly cinnamon flavor.

It is often used for heart and base notes in high-quality aromatic oriental-style men's perfumes, and is also used as a flavoring in food liqueurs, confectionery.

Cascarilla perfumes:

Odisiaque No6 Sous le Manteau for women and men

Fantosmia Jorum Studio for women and men

Lautus Navitus Parfums for women and men

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