Carrot seed

Carrot seed: Pure oil obtained by steam distillation technique for use in perfumes, carrot seeds are generally used in base notes Musky, Earthy, Animalistic, Dry, sweet-woody, root-like, oily, moist straw, with a slightly spicy odor

'oil that resembles the smell of seeds or wheat kept in a jute fabric sack in the cellar'

Blends well with:

Musk, amber, saffron, hay, pomegranate, cucumber, porçini, leather, geosmin, ginger, lily, jasmine, ozone, Raspberry Leaf

Carrot seed perfumes:

Meander Amouage for women and men

Soleil Neige Tom Ford for women and men

Love Potion No. 3 Tiermarq

Codice Uno In The Box for men

Vermeil Bienaimé for women and men

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