Cade Tree

The pure oil obtained from the bark and wood region after steam distillation method is separated into three layers according to its density after waiting for 15-20 days - the lower layer tar is dark, the aqueous layer is less viscous than the lower layer oil, and the oil used in perfumes is sometimes the oil formed in the top layer.

Juniperus Oxycedrus

The dark reddish or brownish pure oil has a woody, dry, smoky kindling-like phenolic aroma. After being refined, it is used for perfumes, cosmetic creams, shampoos and skin care.


Portrayal Man Amouage for men

A Midnight Stroll Gucci for women and men

Cuir Cannage Dior for women and men

Voodoo Flowers Atelier Oblique for women and men

Gold Signature for women and men

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