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Blue Agarwood


This unique natural oil obtained by steam distillation from only some quality of the extremely rare blue agarwood Aquilaria oudh trees, after copper retort distillation, produces interesting striking colors ranging from blue to dark navy blue or even eggplant purple, depending on the amount of liquid in the container in which it is placed.

Botanical perfumery:

Blue agarwood first impression Reminiscent of old souvenir fabric scents that have been waiting in a wooden chest for years. Its clean clear woody scent gives you a feeling of nostalgia and then the light moisture and grass-green scent of ancient tropical forests is replaced by a uniquely pleasant aquatic smooth soft slightly incense-like scent. It has a charismatic nuances.

Best blends With: Black currant, Grape, Narcissus, Blue Tansy, Marigold, Myrrh, Amber, Apple, Mulberry, Musk,

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