Black currant

Fragrance and uses of black currant Absolute: It has fruity and at the same time sulfur and animal notes, giving it a lasting, luminous character. Its botanical name is Ribesnigrum L. Native to the colder parts of the Northern Hemisphere, blackcurrant is grown mainly in Poland and England, along with the Burgundy and Loire Valley regions of France. The large, bright green leaves are divided into five lobes with finely serrated tips. The underside of each leaf is covered with scent glands that contain the strong, fruity scent characteristic of blackcurrant. In spring, the plant becomes covered with small green flowers that form hanging clusters that give rise to juicy, black fruits to be harvested in summer.

Blackcurrant grows wild in cool areas, as the plant's buds need sufficiently cool temperatures to develop properly. The leaf buds are what are used to produce our 100% pure and natural French currant bud absolute product.

These very fragrant pieces are harvested in January and February and extracted with volatile solvents and turned into concrete. Absolute is then obtained by ethanol extraction of concrete. Like cognac or Davana, it emits a fruity scent and also has sulphurous and animalistic notes, giving it a lasting, luminous character.

With its unique scent of black currant, it is among the most important scents that should definitely be found in the perfumer's palette.

Blackcurrant buds: Before the currant flowers open, they are collected as buds and pure oil is obtained by steam distillation / absolute distillation method. 1 kg of pure oil is obtained from 300 kg of blackcurrant bud flowers by absolute distillation and is used in perfumes and cosmetics.

Aroma: To sum up, blackcurrant with a very complex scent has a light woody nuance and phenolic dried intense spicy and pungent. It also has a slightly fruity and sulphurous scent that can be used to replace other floral/citrus flavors while at the same time deep, warm, wine-like earthy with an intense, dominant green/fruity, pungent, citrus-like aroma, the most beautiful in perfumes that form the basis of a bold and unique aroma. can be briefly summarized as odors.

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