Artemisia vulgaris


Her victories in Rhodes added fame to the queen's reputation in BC. Queen II in 351. Artemisia has passed away.

Upon the death of King Mausolos in 353 BC, his wife, Queen II. It is the plant that was attributed to Artemisia after her husband had a magnificent monumental tomb built in her name.

Artemisia vulgaris

Botanical perfumery

Powerful, very fresh, cool, highly diffusive, bittersweet-camphoraceous with soft green undertones and a pleasant, sweet herbaceous and tea-like drydown.

Limpid unique note to give scents an oceanic and icy effect

The pure oil of musk weed, which is very fragrant, obtained by steam distillation technique, is used in the heart notes of perfumes.

This plant, which has a very dynamic aroma, has green nuances

Mimulus moschatus

The other type of mugwort, Mimulus moschatus, is blended in making herbal musk.

Blends Well With: Vetiver, rose, mastic, geranium

Mugwort pefumes;

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Bohemien Arte Profumi for women and men

Douce Amere Serge Lutens for women and men

The Dreamer Versace for men

In Between Urban Scents for women and men

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