Ancient forests

Birch Tar

Mystery from the ancient forests.

Production and rectified birch tar oil in European countries. As a tar-derived product, it can be harvested from birch trees all year round.

Birch tar oil is derived from slow destructive distillation of the bark of the birch tree, botanical name Betula pendula

What is rectified: Birch Tar unrefined raw oil is harmful to human health so Unlike the original birch tar, the rectified oil is purified, clear and free from solids like flakes of carbon.

Birch Tar oil: For Fantasy Blends, Russian Leather effect, Cuir Woody Powerful, phenolic, burnt, leathery, aromatic, slightly spicy, burnt wood, coal tar,

Primordial scent of birch tar, recalling forest with distant pitch and wooded “burn” fragrances a piece of charred wood, the pitch bubbled in the heat, captures something of this evocation. Many have compared it to the scent of a campfire.

Birch tar perfumes:

Falcon Leather Matiere Premiere

Hyde Hiram Green

30' Onskad for women

Fumo Dolce Oud Factory

Lèche-Flamme Jousset Parfums

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