There is no natural material distilled or created from the plant but there was once a fig leaf absolute extraction, but it is no longer made due to its irritant properties 'IFRA'

Fig scents often have a milky or creamy green bitter scent. Perfume industry this is often identified as the lactonic fragrance group. Also coconut, sandalwood. massoi bark, milk, belongs to the same lactonic group

Fig leaf; Evoked cool lunches in the shade of the wind-blown leaves of the fig trees on a hot and sunny day in the village and wraps with romantic and nostalgia ambiances.

For perfumes; Fig fruit sophisticated creates a lush, juicy, ripe, sweet jam, honeyed and sunny warm feeling.

Blends well with: Seaweed, almond, walnut, tonka bean, oakmoss, hay, black currant, grape, honey, pineapple, mint, pear, saffron

Perfumery Suitable for heart and base notes

Figs perfumes:

Womanity Mugler for women

Angel Eau Croisière 2020 Mugler

Figues & Agrumes Lancome

Pulp Byredo

Velvet Vetiver Dolce&Gabbana

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